Ernie the Pig lives at 720. If there is a keg on the patio and anything spills then he will lick it up. Ernie belongs to Summer, who lives at 720.

In 2004 someone stole him and "Missing Pig" flyers were made, but the Ernie was eventually returned.

He was immortalized in a Robotmedia film which showed him driving around town and enjoying life. In the end of the film he died and everyone ate bacon.

  • ernie once bit the nipples off of some girl that my roomate brought home. he is voracious and not to be trusted. they say that the pig is an intelligent animal. this is true. once ernie became hooked on nicotine by eating old cigarette buts left on the sunroom floor he became addicted and would pull my female roomates purses off the table and chow down on their cigarettes. but also i have seeing ernie tie himself up, wrapped around the leg of a coffee table and not have the sense to unwrap himself. so he sits there and shits all over himself and grunts and squeals until someone has the courage to unwind him. so you know, who knows.