This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


See also: Cafe Roma

"Espresso Roma" is short for 'Espresso Cafe Roma', a cafe that was popular for well over a decade. The name was used almost exclusively for the Downtown location of said cafe, to distinguish it from one closest to the UC Davis Campus. On Thursdays they used to host an Open Mic. While Campus Roma was better known for its art installations, this Roma also had art on the walls from local artists.


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They have yummy steamed soy milk for only $1! - LenaGranik

2005-03-18 15:53:17   Generally quieter than some of the other seemingly more popular nearby cafes. However, it doesn't have the same ambience, and the cafe has the smell of badly scented antiseptic trying to cover up the smell of "old" and "dank". After sitting there for an hour or two, you sort of get used to it. However, I will never become used to the restroom, not only icky but scary! What's behind that curtain?!?! If you're female, sneak into Chipotle's! Other than that, a nice place to study if the other cafes are overcrowded. —ToHarris

2005-03-18 15:59:07   Definitely an odder array of characters than you might find at some of the other cafes. A seemingly mentally disturbed youngish man listlessly walked in and out no less than 6 or 7 times earlier today. He looked closely at computers that were unattended. And others, too, that I don't have time to mention. Also, people go to the restroom area...and never come back. Is there a secret passage way back there? A time warp? A good place to study but don't leave your laptop sitting around if you have to temporarily leave. —ToHarris

You call it Korn, we call it Ghetto Roma.

2005-11-13 12:04:00   Haha, Savvy. That was probably me. I generally like to just go in and look at people and things. —TobinJones

2006-02-02 22:48:31   Like its counterpart, a disappointment. Whereas the weirdo contingent in one near campus is generally benevolent (if stinky), this place attracts a good number of the older, mentally unstable aging hippie cranks (you talking about me?) that Davis has more than its fair share of. Lot of people ranting about the nuclear freeze, types covered with campaign buttons. Marginally cleaner than the 3d street one, although I've heard a lot of scary rumors. —NicholasCorwin

2006-04-02 21:13:00   Paul, I've just glanced at your photo. No sir, 'twasn't you I had in mind. Have a good one. —NicholasCorwin

2006-04-19 21:12:00   I have two complaints about this venue. One thing is the recurring, oppressively noisome smell of some type of cleaning agent that wafts from the back room, behind the counter. I'm not sure what the source of this smell is, exactly, but for me it has definitely become a deterrent. My other complaint is the lack of organic coffee options. According to one waitperson, the reason for this lacking is that (a) organic coffee doesn't taste as good as conventional coffee and (b) hosting organic coffee would require a second percolator. While (a) may be true in some particular cases, and definitely is true compared to the espresso at Mishka's, which is comparatively weak, it's doubtfully true in general. I don't see, either way, why they wouldn't at least use organic/fair trade espresso blends, for espresso-only drinks. As for the regular tenants and staff, I have no problems and would proffer similar supporting arguments as on the other Roma page, arguments which are quite effective against the laughable pretensions of aspiring historians, especially the stereotypical variety, who are invariably big on blateration and small on rational justification ;) UPDATE: I went in today and realized that, perhaps, the smell is relative to the habits of workers, for there was no smell today, and Josh was manning the counter. This could, of course, be a textbook example of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Who knows. —ZN

2006-05-16 09:19:52   I used to go here regularly for coffee in the afternoon. The people that work here always seemed nice, and I was never bothered by the unique Espresso Roma crowd. However, I increasingly found the cofee to be really foul-tasting. Bitter, but not in a good way. And lots of times there'd be this thick film on the top of the cup and a good mouthful of grounds at the bottom. I eventually just began looking elsewhere for my afternoon coffee. However, I do have to say, their hot chocolate is very good. I'd still go back for that. —AdamSchneider

2006-05-16 11:47:05   I like this place, but the coffee tastes like starbucks to me, generally. —BorregoJohn

2007-02-15 23:04:02   It was a great place, very sad to see it go. —ToNu

2007-02-20 02:00:14   Whether you loved it or hated it, this place had been an institution for quite some time. And then even before that. Sometimes it is more than just the coffee that matters. —JeffShaw

2009-01-14 16:16:46   Espresso Roma was a hit in the 80's & 90's. It was a place to various hippies, grunts, international, east, west and artist. Their latte was a strongest, tastiest of all coffees house around Davis. Sure miss it. But nothing last forever :(. —tan