Eugenia Chung is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2014 ASUCD Election running on the NOW slate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Everyone!

My name is Eugenia Chung, and I am absolutely stoked to be running for ASUCD Senate with the NOW Slate! I am a third year Communication and Managerial Economics double major from Fremont, California. I have been involved in Student Fashion Association and a writer at The California Aggie. I am also a proud sister of Chi Omega, a member of the Asian American Christian Fellowship, and currently serve as the ASUCD Senate recorder.

Throughout my experience on the Senate table, I’ve been exposed to many issues and resources that I would not have known about as a normal student. I’m running with NOW because I want students to be able to utilize all the great resources available to them and be aware of important school issues and voice their opinions on them. I will ensure that ASUCD rightly advocates for students and serves them in such a way that everyone can love their college life at UC Davis as much as I do.

BRINGING COFFEE INTO SHIELDS LIBRARY I’ve spent countless hours in the cold halls of Shield’s Library studying. Most of the time is wasted trying to stay awake or debating whether I want to leave to get coffee. Even if I do want to leave, the CoHo, Silo, CoHo South, and even downtown are only opened for so long. I plan to talk to the librarians and director of the CoHo to work towards bringing a CoHo cart that serves coffee and implementing hot water dispensers into Shield’s Library.

GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE GREEK LIFE Let's make partying safe and green! We want UC Davis to maintain our reputation for our environmental progress. As a member of the Greek community, I plan on being the liaison between Greek Life and Environmental Clubs, like Campus Center for the Environment and Environmental Planning and Policy Committee. That way, we could implement both educational and action programs into the Greek system. I especially want to focus on the Red Cup Cleanup program. This program collects red cups and takes them to Terracycle, where the cups are safely recycled and we receive 2 cents per cup to donate to charity.

Don’t forget to vote EUGENIA CHUNG #1 and NOW #2-6 for ASUCD Senate and WONDERS/GHAI for ASUCD President/VP on Feb. 18-21 at!


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