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Excellence Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a local carpet cleaning business.

They were formerly located at 1333 Arlington Blvd., #73.

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2007-09-03 11:56:27   We used excellence carpet cleaning for our old apartment. He was very professional and did a good job, but unfortunately, the stains came back in about 6-8 months. Definitely very reasonably priced, as well. —RohiniJasavala

2008-03-03 10:15:58   Todd always does a great job on my carpets. He cleans for both my business and my house. I have found him to be reliable and prompt. —AlzadaMagdalena

2008-08-22 17:47:45   Todd is cleaning the carpets in my apartment next week, and I referred a friend to him since he gave me a good quote. When she called though he was having some problems with him appointment book, and apparently has lost his data for all his upcoming appointments. If you have him scheduled to do anything for you in the next couple weeks, I'd give him a call to confirm. —BryceEsch

2010-07-24 22:29:11   Todd just cleaned our carpets today and did an excellent job! He's very nice and professional. We were stuck in traffic and couldn't make our appointment time, and he was kind enough to push it back a few hours to accomodate us. His pricing was the best we could find! Highly recommended! —MelissaPanlasigui

2011-01-29 10:23:16   Recently used this business to clean the carpets in a 2-story condo. PROS: Able to schedule within a few days; cheaper estimate than other local carpet cleaners; carpets cleaned up nicely. CONS: Arrived 20 minutes late; did not have capability to pay with credit card, despite this being advertised on their website; I was not given an invoice or receipt of any kind. —JenniferF

2011-02-03 14:05:34   I'm responding about BryceEsch comments about my appointment calendar. It maybe a couple of years late, but I don't want someone to get the impression that we are irressponcible. At the time that happend I had gotten a new phone from Verizon Wireless. It's was a Palm Treo. Previously I had a sparate phone and PDA. So I got a phone that combined both of them. When syncing my Treo to backup my contacts and appointments, instead of backing them up everyting got erased. Quite the opposite of what I intended. The worst possible time for that to happen. Right before the last week before turnovers. I had to spend hours reconstucting my appointment book after that. Very stressful! —ToddJames

2011-08-23 11:08:35   Todd did a great job at our residence. Carpets look great again. —CarlosOverstreet

2011-08-24 15:48:47   Made an appointment to have my carpets cleaned. They never showed or phoned. What a waste of my time! —TamiTurner

2011-12-29 01:05:20   Excellence Carpet Cleaning provides very good service at a great price. I started using Todd's service 6 years ago and really prefer their hot-water extraction method. Todd does a thorough job at cleaning. He is very responsive and flexible at scheduling. This month when I needed a complete cleaning before holiday guests I got an appointment within 2 days. He even accomodated a last-minute request for upholstery cleaning and car seats to boot. I highly recommend him. —RamonaS

2012-01-01 18:09:51   I used Excellence carpet cleaning back in August when I was moving out of my old rental. Price was reasonable, however Todd overbooked himself and did not give himself enough time to finish our carpets. He did not do a very good job and my landlord charged us out of our deposit. I asked if he could come back and finish another day but he said he was out of carpet cleaner (?) Anyways, I did not have a great experience with Excellence. —SteliosPapadopoulos

2013-05-03 17:08:58   I just had Excellence Carpet Cleaning clean my high plush carpets. The carpet is of high-end quality and over 20 years old. Todd brought it back to life. People have commented that the carpet looks new, plush and expensive. I am very satisfied. The price was VERY reasonable. I will be using them again for spot cleaning in 6 months. This company is competitively priced and does a thorough job. I highly recommend them. —CarolinaWonder

2013-09-20 17:18:12   I just had such a great experience that i couldn't wait to comment. Todd was on time and ready to clean. he is a quiet guy but very friendly and hardworking. my cat was sick and after a huge vet bill, i needed some sanity and cleanliness for a good price. i called about 10 places and no one gave me a better quote. He didn't try to sell me anything and was true to the price he gave me over the phone. I am VERY pleased. ESPECIALLY since my suede couches looked like they should be tossed. Todd made a 7 year old couch and 5 year old carpets look brand new! let me save you some time and tell you to call Todd. So happy right now :) Wonderful! Just had my carpets done for an awesome price as well as my suede couches! usually that would cost a ton. carpets are very old but Excellence made them look BRAND NEW! VERY HAPPY :) Even after a sick cat had its way with them! —amandasinclaire

2013-09-28 10:29:55   I hired Excellence Carpet Cleaning to clean my carpets before I moved out of my house. One of Todd's employees did the job. He was very nice, professional and on time. A part of the service I paid for, however, was to receive an invoice for the job in order to receive my security deposit. The employee told me that he was not able to give me an invoice there, but I would receive one within a few days.

This is where my long and laborious experience with the owner, Todd, began. I emailed Todd many times and called on numerous occasions to set up getting the invoice. He mostly ignored my calls and emails. Once I finally heard from him he said he would get me the invoice within two days. It took him another 4. In total, it took 11 days to get the invoice, and only after a lot of pestering.

When I turned in the invoice, I learned from my landlady that the carpet cleaning job had been botched and the carpet had to be re-cleaned to get rid of a smell and the cleaning was deducted from my security deposit. Between the invoice issue and now the botched job, I called Todd and asked for a refund. After much haggling, he told me he would call my landlady to try resolve the issue and would give me a full refund if he could not.

Again, I waited over a week for him to respond. He finally sent a quick email saying he would only be refunding the amount my security deposit was charged and I could expect it within a week. It has now been well over a week and I have still not received my refund!

There are plenty of other carpet cleaning services in Davis, I would highly recommend not choosing this one. If anything goes wrong, Todd is not the type of person you want to deal with. —GabeLade