825 Russell Blvd at University Mall
Monday - Friday 11:00-7:00
Saturday 11:00-7:00
(707) 561-1627
Date, 2011-06-15
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Ez Eyebrows Davis is a local salon.

Threading Hair

Threading Hair is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries, like Egypt and India, but is becoming very popular here in the West. Threading Removes the Entire hair follicle and is by far the gentlest form of hair removal and dates back centuries with its origins in Arabia and South Asia. The simple process involves a piece of thread that is twisted and pulled along areas of unwanted hair acting like a mini-lasso, lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals, sharp metal instruments or unnecessary tugging on delicate skin.

Threading vs. Waxing

While threading targets the hair with minimal skin contact, waxing is the opposite. When wax is applied, it not only sticks to the hairs, but also the delicate facial skin. When the wax is pulled off, it does remove the hair, but it also removes the upper layers of skin. This removal can result in redness where the wax was applied. Although the waxing process is quicker, often you will have to go back and tweeze shorter hairs that were not long enough to be waxed. Also it is very difficult to target specific hairs with Wax.

Threading vs. Tweezing

In Terms of threading vs. tweezing, you will get much cleaner and more precise results with threading. By using the thread as a guide, the Specialist is able to more accurately shape your brows, whereas with tweezing you run the chance of removing critical hairs that will destroy your brow shape. Also tweezing tends to be more time consuming as you must remove each hair individually; whereas with threading you can remove individual hairs or a group of hair at one time.


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2011-08-05 10:52:41   Would someone like to share their experience here? —SoolliK EDIT: I finally dropped my suspicions about this place and came here for eyebrows and upper lip threading. She did a wonderful job and my eyebrows look great. My only complaint is that when another customer came as she was starting my upper lip, she started ripping it all off in haste, ignoring the fact that I clearly told her that I have extremely sensitive skin. I ended up having a painful rash on my upper lip for the next 2 hours. Hope she doesn't do that again, but I'll probably be back.

2011-08-17 07:18:37   hi,i realy like the way you work.i ilike my eyebrows its change my look and i also like jewellery its really beautiful. —simi

2011-08-22 19:34:44   One of the best places I've gone for threading. She's not like the other ladies who thread that insist you have a hairy face and should get more done. She shapes nicely and offers a great student discount with a stamp card that gives you the 7th time free. She is kind and honest. I love her!!! —ninadesai

2011-09-04 13:30:17   Just went here today n it was a great experience! She did a very good job on my eyebrows and the prices were great too. Will definitely be going back again —KathrynAzarvand

2011-10-02 18:55:08   She did a great job on my eyebrows. It was quick and perfect. My eyebrows are oddly shaped (my face isn't very symmetrical) but she did a great job making them look exactly like one another. Plus the prices here are great. (You'll spend $5-10 more other places) HIGHLY recommended! —lunelectronique

2011-10-06 13:02:00   Just got back from getting my eyebrows done here, and it was great! She's super nice and left my eyebrows looking beautiful. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND :] —xlinkrev

2011-10-16 18:04:13   she did a terrific job on my eyebrows. i've seen several threaders in davis and been seriously unhappy afterwards, but not today. they're a great shape, not too thin or short. she offers a student discount as well as a stamp card so the 10th visit or so is free. —alanajean

2012-02-08 13:04:22   this place is terrific, and the owner is super nice! great location —NorteMansion

2012-03-03 16:04:56   The owner is amazing at her art and skill! I recently moved and was nervous about someone else doing my eyebrows, but because I do not like waxing I took my chances and tried EZ Eyebrows with Neeti and I am always getting compliments and how great my eyebrows look. I highly recommend this place not only for eyebrows but for upper lip and face-hair. I recently started doing my lips there too and for those of you that mentioned any issues with the upper lip rash and pain...this is part of the beauty process. The upper lip is a very sensitive area that has a lot of sensory nerves—no matter if you wax, use tweezers, or thread, it will have some affect. I have sensitive skin also and after doing the upper lip several times the pain is still there but the redness or swelling-ness seems to be less and less every time. Neeti takes her time with her clients and I have nothing but good things to say about her services. I support the "mom and pop" shops that are trying to succeed. Not to mention she gives you a member card which ultimately gives you a free visit. If you are a student you get a student discount too! —GYani

2012-06-17 10:14:10   I went here yesterday, I think it should be known to those of us who often miss the obvious, is that this place is not actually a store, its more like a kiosk outside of forever 21 and the nail place. I walked past it 3 times before figuring it out. I got my eyebrows threaded, it was fast and I would go back again. —Babhari