Ezra for Davis City Council

Ezra Beeman is a candidate for Davis City Council.

Candidate statement:

I am running for City Council to advocate and support the values that have made Davis one of the most progressive and forward-thinking cities in the US on issues such as housing (Village Homes), energy (Solar USA), transportation (bicycle lanes) and food (Farmers’ Market / Food Co-Op).

Born in Woodland in 1974, I have long called Davis my home. Our 320-acre family farm served as an incubator for organic farmers in the 1970s. I grew up here, sold produce at the Farmers Market, and volunteered at the Food Co-op.

I bring a Masters in Applied Finance, undergraduate degrees in Economics and Philosophy, and I have worked at the executive level of a state owned electricity utility. I have also founded multiple green energy technology and consulting companies, including one in Davis.

My vision for a community-led City features:

  • Transparency, accountability and broad community participation in the City planning process
  • Housing that promotes community values over developer bottom lines
  • More starter and affordable housing for the community
  • More on campus housing to meet UCD’s growth plans
  • Great City parks, programs, and services
  • Improved bicycling safety and travel times
  • A 100% locally produced, 100% green, City energy company



Ezra Beeman Enters City Council Race