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FPI Management, Inc. is a nonresident property manager with a small number of apartment complex holdings in Davis, as of April 2005. According to their website, FPI Management, Inc. guarantees it will complete all routine maintenance requests within 48 hours (two working days)from the time the written service request is submitted. This guarantee is applicable to all service requests submitted with the resident's permission to enter the apartment. Some non-routine service requests will require more than 48 hours to complete, based on the nature of the request or the need to utilize the services of a third-party contractor. [April 2005] However, the website goes on to say, "Guarantee is subject to change."

There have been a number of security-deposit related complaints about FPI on livejournal and on the Wiki. To be fair to FPI, does anyone know of people who *have* received a full security deposit back from FPI site within the legally allotted month? It would be helpful if you added that information to the comments section below, alternatively documenting how long you lived there and how much they deducted (if anything) from your deposit.

Local properties managed by FPI include

Tanglewood was formerly managed by FPI, but is now owner-managed by Sequoia Equities.

For a listing of other property managers handling accounts in the Davis, please visit our Property Management page. Additionally, our Housing Guide can provide helpful information about your landlord-tenant relationship.

What's your experience with FPI?

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2005-04-22 14:53:40   I wonder what they mean be "submitted?" The office of Sterling Pointe Apartments is only open 3 days a week. I have major beef with FPI. In trying to get my full security deposit back, they gave me the total runaround until I started quoting lines of legal code. Plus, when I renewed my lease in 2002, they raised the rent by about $10 and tacked on a NWP bill that supposed to be of modest cost. Yeah right, it wound up costing upwards of $60/month! —CraigBrozinsky

2005-06-29 21:53:33   Just by visiting FPI complexes I can tell that management could be rather shitty! —AnnieSirrah

2005-09-15 13:43:56   Run—don't walk—away from any FPI managed property. I have had the worst experience ever after living in Renaissance Park Apartments. The management turned over completely in the span of the year I spent there (the only person present when I moved in who was still there when I moved out was the maintenance man), so forget about any sort of continuity at these places. Rent is steep, and is augmented by National Water and Power bills you will receive every month, which are higher than you ever thought they would be. The real fun comes when you move out; you will not have an easy time getting your security deposit back. I cleaned my apartment until it sparkled and was still slapped with cleaning charges, painting charges, and carpet cleaning charges. All of these were illegal, as my apartment was at the same level of cleanliness it had been when I moved in. The real fun is the carpet cleaning charges, though; it is ALWAYS illegal to charge tenants for routine carpet cleaning between occupancies. It has taken me over two months and dozens of calls and visits to management to get all but $8.50 of my deposit back. I had to start quoting legal code to them to get this far, and that's just wrong! Calls to FPI's main office have so far gone completely unanswered. FPI is illegal, shady, and incompetent. I've never had such a bad experience with any apartment complex management, and I've been in Davis for six years! Stay away from FPI!! —JoannaHeiple

2005-10-24 15:07:00   I would never live here (now under different management) again. The management is the worst I have ever had to deal with in Davis. Stay away. —HenWeigh

2005-11-29 19:39:43   I have known a few people who lived here (now under different management) who all had awful experiences. They took the entire security deposit and sent them a bill for an ADDITIONAL $1000 for carpet replacement. The carpet was in fine condition. —ChrisMay

2006-01-06 13:18:28   be warned that their "application deposit/fee/whatever" (which is an absurd $500, just to be placed on a wait list) will be cashed as soon as it is received, and if you are like myself and a friend, you WILL NOT BE TOLD of this ahead of time... and their response was, "oh, that representative is just new; she didn't know." needless to say, we immediately withdrew our applications and had a serious chat with management, as well as some lawyers. it's shame, because the properties are nice. —KelMc

2006-01-17 19:53:47   Management is insanely shady. I asked them to put my 1BR apt on a list, so if people were looking for a 1BR they could take over my lease. I asked the office girl if anyone had been looking for a 1BR, she says no, I start walking out, dude checking out apts goes, oh are there 1 BRs available? I'm still within earshot and she says no! Yeah, stuff gets repaired really quick, but the office girls are really annoying and shady. Also, a former resident said it (now under different management) had one of the highest burglary rates...although I couldn't confirm from the DPD website since the crime map wouldn't load. —IsaWei

2007-05-24 16:42:47   Any new info on FPI? I had no problems until they took over. They clain they have sent a 3 page report about me to "coperate",but refuse to tell me what it is about. I complained because they threw away my disabled grandson's stroller after I left it outside to dry during a rain storm. I complained because they threw away things I was taking downstairs to put in storage. I have never caused any problems so you complain and you're blacklisted and yet they move a dangerous mentally ill man downstairs from me who threatens people, makes racial comments to minority residents, and even to shoot my daughter. Despite several complaints about this guy from several people FPI does NOTHING !!! I'm glad to be moving. Maybe FPI should hire mature managers with common sense/what a concept !!! —carlie

2007-12-05 17:00:37   It is impossible to reach any of these people by phone! They are always "already out of the office for the day".... i wish my work day ended whenever i felt like it! The management at my complex also leaves whenever, and sometimes doesnt even show up! And when it comes to maintenance it is always " scheduled for tomorrow." Do things ever actually get fixed? NO! It is scheduled for TOMORROW! Tomorrow never becomes today around my complex. Especially frustrating since things are constantly in need of repair/replacement. I am fed up with this. —Chantal

2007-12-20 15:35:50   I have read thru this page and find it sad that the only people who will take the time to write here are people who are unhappy. I lived at Silverstone for 2 years and had a wonderful experience! I did not receive my whole deposit back but they did not deduct very much. I didn't understand the painting charges, but when I went in to talk with the manager, she explained to me that I was not charged as I had thought. She was very nice and it made since (something about "wear and tear allownace". Maintenance was taken care of in a timely manner. Sometimes it took longer then 48 hours, but never weeks.Over the2 years I lived there the rent did increase by $10, but this is nothing compared to some places I have lived. Also, it makes since! Everything increases in cost as years go by. DUH! I really liked living there and had a fine experience with the management. —Jessica4444

2009-10-30 03:29:40   Regarding Security deposits: I received NOTHING back, AT ALL! Did I damage the apartment? no. I did however leave the country to attend grad school. Nonetheless, the mailing address I gave them remained unchanged: my parents house in California, like it had been the whole time I was on the lease. I asked them to send a check there, but to date, they have not. They have not made any statements about damages to the apartment, they just won't mail the check, after all, what can I do, I'm in another country, and you have to be within the same state to file in small claims court. Of course, I cannot file a small claims lawsuit while attending graduate school in Switzerland, but I should be back before the statute of limitations has passed, and I will be filing a lawsuit when I return. FPI sucks, and their manager for Pepperwood Apartments sucks. I love how their website doesn't even give you a contact form where you can e-mail them with concerns..... Anything said over the phone cannot be documented, unless of course they will talk to you after you inform them (legal requisite in CA) that you are recording the call. And that is of course, assuming you can even get them to pickup the phone —kireErik

2012-02-09 12:42:27   They are so rude! I just called their office and the woman immediately put me on hold (ok I get it, multi phone lines) and when she came back I told her that I did no appreciate that she didn't even ask if I could hold and she started lecturing me on good phone etiquette. —LMT