F Street and 6th Street

F and 6th is a house thought of by some as the best in Davis. There is proof that even in the 1980s the house basement was used for music shows. It is most famous, arguably, for throwing the greatest Halloween parties from around 2003 to 2006 although the tradition could very well date back further. This has not been verified, however. F and 6th was the birthplace of the band Canseco, which became GnarToon, which became Boss the Big Bit.

Some former residents include Danielle Holden, Gabe Cooley, Josh Glass, Rishi Trivedi, Teddy Briggs, and Andrew Bell.

The house was packed on March 17, 2006, for a St. Patrick's Day party. Rob Roy played accordion in the basement during much of the celebration, performing some original Irish odes as well as miscellaneous covers.

The house made an appearance at the end of the 2005 KDVS Fundraiser video entitled Our Listeners Keep Us Running.


Band funRob Roy plays accordion in the basement of F and 6th The F and 6th front porch littered in the midst of March 17, 2006 partying










The house appears at the end of the 2005 KDVS Fundraiser video.



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