The Fall 2010 ASUCD Election was held for a 72 hour period between November 9 and November 12, 2010 to elect candidates to the ASUCD Senate. Six of the twelve ASUCD Senate seats were contested during this election.

Senate Candidates

Election Timing

Article II, Section 5 of the ASUCD Constitution calls for a general election "during the seventh (7th) week of Fall Quarter." Fall Quarter officially begins Monday, September 20, 2010. Hence, the seventh week runs from November 1 to 7. However, the Elections Committee has previously held 8th week elections, interpreting the Constitution as the 7th full week of classes. Because of the Veteran's Day holiday, no Senate meeting is expected to be held that could result in a potential conflict concerning Senators whose terms have allegedly expired.

Senate Race

The terms of Senators Abrham Castillo-Ruiz (JAM), Andre Lee (LEAD), Bree Rombi (LEAD), Don Ho (LEAD), Joel Juarez (JAM), and Levi Menovske (Independent) expire at the Senate meeting following the election. This Senate meeting will most likely be on Thursday, November 18. Barring any election rule violations challenges or grave technical SNAFUs, the winners are expected to receive their Certificates of Election and take office at that meeting.


BOLD candidates Andre Lee, Rebecca Sterling, Darwin Moosavi, and Matt Provencher were elected along with LEAD candidate Tatiana Bush and Independent candidate Emmanuel Diaz-Ordaz. The sixth and final seat for this election was determined by a difference of less than 4 votes between the two Independent candidates.



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2010-02-20 18:04:03   A bit premature, don't you think? —PaulAmnuaypayoat

  • Well, we could take it down, but it just means somebody will have to put this up again in a few months time. I put winter up in November right after the fall election, and didn't need to make any changes until January, when there was more news. —JeremyKoo

2010-07-11 17:03:04   What are some steps an incoming freshman should be taking from now until November to be considered a serious candidate for the upcoming Senate election? —ShadeAkinsola

  • Read as much as you can about ASUCD issues at and definitely read everything you can get your hands on from the ASUCD website. ( When you get on campus, make friends and network as much as possible. In the current senate climate, you can be taken very seriously if you understand ASUCD well. Very difficult to run as a freshman but doable if you can take advantage of the dorm networks, just remember not to campaign in the dorms. - GregWebb
  • Sell your soul... sort of serious... Also check out this page to see what candidates have done in previous elections to win. Also, from what I have read in The Aggie, you might not find very in depth articles on anything. —hankim

2010-10-12 02:54:46   Candidate packets (which include petitions) are available today (Tues, Oct. 12th) from SGAO. Good luck to all candidates :) —RyanMeyerhoff

2010-10-20 23:56:33   BOLD is the new slate on campus this fall, I suggest you keep your eyes out for them. —DylanSchaefer

2010-10-21 03:09:57   Someone with wiki-skillz should edit the template thingy at the top to reflect the new slate status (add BOLD, remove JAM?). Not sure who's affiliated with which slate yet, so someone with knowledge in that department should edit the candidate list to reflect this. —RyanMeyerhoff

2010-11-10 21:03:28   Jerk campaigners won't even let me go to the ARC in peace now. —hankim