Describe Fall Wiki BBQ 2013 here. It appears to be a litmus test for a hypothetical bbq. Discuss below

Hi wikizens. Dfunk here just thinking that is has been quite some time since we all got down in BBQ town and as such we are long overdue for another one

Ideally a couple weeks out would be good? Before it gets too cold / rainy? End of October or something? Everyone is gone and we should just wait till Spring when JayDubs will be around?

anyone? Anyone??

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You know you are down

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2013-10-02 22:55:57   I'll go. Maybe not the weekend of Oct 12-13, as that's the "neighbors night out" when lots of people are already going to block parties all over town. —gcoville

2013-10-03 19:16:37   Sure, why not? —chandru

2013-10-03 19:36:55   I would come I guess when the BBQ would be vegetarian and vegan. But I guess this will be outvoted. I will not come when there's fish, meat, poultry or arthropods (locusts etc.) involved. —ConstantiaOomen