Spring in Davis
Summer in Davis
Fall in Davis
Winter in Davis

As summer closes the students return to town. While the weather is mostly temperate it does begin to blow and the rains return. It begins to cool in later fall as we head toward winter.

What happens during the Fall in Davis? What does Davis look like during the Fall?


During the Fall, Davis can stay hot into late September and early October, but usually it begins to cool down into the 70's and 80's. Strong northerly winds also race through Davis kicking up a lot of dust, knocking down branches and making it hard for bicyclists. Davis can, but usually does not get too much rain in the Fall. The middle and late parts of Fall continue to get colder (60's, 50's), but usually remain dry through through the start of Winter.


  • UCD Fall quarter begins that last week of September. Beware of freshmen on bikes!
  • UCD Football begins
  • Relevant Dinner
  • AYSO fall soccer begins. Parents lose their Saturdays.



Fall color on trees is at its peak in November. Check out Bruce Thomas' 2010 blog post full of photos, Fall Leaf Colors Brighten Up the Landscape in Davis, CA.


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2010-12-04 18:11:35   Hiking, biking or driving around town in the fall we can see lots of red and yellow leaves in our trees. Fall Leaf Colors Brighten Up the Landscape in Davis, CA 27nov2010. —BruceThomas