The Wiki owns a variety of gear useful for tabling. The equipment and the person(s) currently in possession is listed below. If you'd like to table for the Wiki, just get in touch with the folks who have the gear you need and arrange to get a hold of it! The Wiki is paid up for tabling at the Farmers Market for a year, starting June 26, 2010. It is unclear whether the year's fee covers the remainder of 2010 or is good through June of 2011. It costs $20 per year; if you want to table after 2010, you should get in touch with PhilipNeustrom to see if the WikiSpot board will cover the cost.

Current Contact
6' Folding Table
TomGarberson - 559-355-5814
6' x 3' DavisWiki Banner
10' x 10' Canopy
DavisWiki Stickers

If you need folding chairs for the tabling, TomGarberson has some he can loan out for the day.