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"Where The Sun Shines" Photo Picnic Day 2016 - Courtesy: CO

Picnic Day 2018 Edition 104! "Where The Sun Shines" 🌞

The Picnic Day Board:

We feel that our theme showcases not only the sunny and bright environment of UC Davis but also the cheerful people and their warm expressions on Picnic Day. The Board of Directors is dedicated to planning this event to give our students and community a day to look forward to.

A day full of laughter, awe, and inspiration. A day where you can milk a cow, watch dogs race, and see the latest student-created fashion strut the runway. A day where we can celebrate the accomplishments of our UC Davis students, departments, and organizations. To demonstrate our discoveries with the community and entertain our inner child-like hearts.

A day where the sun shines. 🌞