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Feline Lifeline is a cat rescue, shelter and adoption service. They provide full medical and reproductive care to the cat, makes sure it is suitable for adoption by the new family, and in general tries to find the best home to homeless felines. They hold adoptions at Petco every Sunday from 12:30 to 6:00pm. They have a $85 adoption fee.

They also work with people who are adopting stray cats and help them provide a proper home and attend to their needs.

Feline Lifeline is looking for foster homes. Feline Lifeline relies on a dedicated network of volunteer foster homes who care for their foster cats until an adoptive home is found. They are staffed entirely by volunteers, and rely on private funding and donations to support their rescue. Their foster homes are currently full, and they are looking for additional foster homes in Davis or surrounding areas.

If you are not in a position to adopt a new pet, fostering can give you an opportunity for a rewarding short-term commitment. Foster cats generally come to them from desperate circumstances, and by taking an animal into your care, you have very likely saved its life.

Foster caregiver provides:

  • The simple necessities needed by the foster cat - food, water, litter, and a clean, safe, and healthy environment.
  • The not-so-simple necessities - love and understanding, appropriate training, and a caring atmosphere that prepares the foster animal for adoption into a new home.
  • Willingness and ability to recognize potential problems or emergencies and to communicate promptly with your Foster Coordinator.
  • Transportation to and from adoption days on a regular basis, when the animal is ready for adoption and until the animal finds a new home. Adoption days are generally on Sunday at Petco in Davis from 1:00-6:00pm.
  • Keeping the foster animal in your care until adoption is completed by the Foster Coordinator. Never release an animal from your care until the adoption is approved.

Feline Lifeline provides:

  • Veterinary care, according to Feline Lifeline guidelines and as approved by the Foster Coordinator.
  • In house expertise with training new foster homes, and with regard to foster animal health and behavior.
  • Some supplies as needed and available, such as a carrier, dishes, litterbox, or bedding.
  • Advertising and Adoption opportunities.


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2012-09-06 16:57:38   To all, our neighbor unfortunately became suddenly ill and the family sadly has to give up their two cats for adoption. The family is heartbroken. But having a clean environment at home is now a medical necessity.

One is a male, white siamese with blue eyes. The other is a female Russian Blue with green eyes. Both are 7 years old. Both are child friendly. Current on vaccines. Indoor cats. And have been well cared for.

Ideally the family wishes the cats would go to another loving family - maybe with kids. If interested, please contact Jon Groveman at Thank you. —jgroveman