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Major Requirements

Fiber and polymer sciences is a major offered by the Textiles and Clothing department in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences for which the classes seem to be taught by the Textiles and Clothing Graduate Group and the Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry Graduate Group. Upon graduation, majors are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree.

The Major Program:

The fiber and polymer science major is concerned with the physical, chemical, and structural properties of fibers and polymers and how these relate to fiber and polymer performance and end-use.

All students in this major take a common core of course work in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and depth subject matter in fiber and polymer science, organic and physical chemistry, and technical writing. In the restricted electives, students select courses from areas such as computer science and mathematics, chemistry, marketing and management, material and advanced fiber and polymer science, and textiles.

Career Alternatives:

The major prepares the student for a career in a wide range of industries in the areas of research and development, technical marketing and management, production, quality control, and science teaching (on completion of an additional year in the teaching credential program). The companies employing Fiber and Polymer Science graduates are in the fiber, polymer, industrial product, textile and/or chemical business. Graduates are prepared to enter medical school, the graduate program in textiles or agricultural and environmental chemistry with a specialization in fiber and polymer chemistry, and fiber and polymer science programs at other universities.


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