5 E Main St. #C, Winters, CA
Downtown Winters kitty-corner from the Buckhorn
Thursday 5:30-9:30
Fri/Sat. 5:30-10:00
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit/Debit
Non Food Features
Order at the bar; lots of outdoor seating
Menu changes frequently

Ficelle ("fee-sell") is a tapas restaurant located in downtown Winters. It is only open a few nights a week, and the menu changes frequently. You order at the counter, and they keep a ticket open for you so you can add more food as you go. Tapas plates typically cost between $5-11 and include both cold and hot selections. They have some really interesting options like roasted quail, chile relleno in mole sauce, seafood canelones, and so forth. For the price, the food really can't be beat.

They have a decent selection of wine and bottled beers and have a great house made sangria. Corkage is $10, but any purchase of wine or beer is applied against that charge (ie two sangrias= free corkage). Service is friendly and surprisingly fast, even when the place gets crowded.

It's a great destination (on days when it's open) for a bike ride to winters, or a good place to pick up some food to take out to one of the parks along Putah Creek or to the Berryessa Brewing Company.

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2013-02-07 21:21:45   We got 6 dishes here and two sangrias for $60 after tax and before gratuity. Everything was really good and the 6 items were more than enough for three of us. The Teryaki Beef Skewers, Chile Releno de la Noche, and Canelone del Mar were the favorites. The others were good, but those three stood out. For this type of cuisine it really is tough to beat the price. —MikeyCrews