UPDATE: Fiesta Dance N' Fitness is now SynRG Arts & Wellness

Same owner, slightly different location: now 907 3rd Street

917 3rd Street
(Between G Street and I Street, across from the SPCA Thrift Store)
M-F: 5:00pm-10:00pm
Sat: 10:30pm-2:00pm and Sun: 5:00pm-7:00pm
(530) 753-2154
Denise Mathieu

Fiesta DanceN' Fitness, also known as FDF, was a dance studio, fitness gym, holistic health club and multi-cultural arts center. It is a space where students and instructors can come together to share common interests in promoting complete health, developing physical fitness, sharing music, studying international dance, and appreciating cultural diversity. FDF's mission is to encourage fun fitness for overall well-being, and also to promote respect for other cultures through World Arts Education.

FDF has classes for both adults and kids! Here is the general breakdown of how they organize their classes:

Their online schedule has updates on classes, workshops and seminars. Here is a PDF version of their schedule:

If you are thinking about visiting their studio for the first time, plan to arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes before class starts. They will ask you to fill out the a registration form.

FDF has very reasonable prices. You may sample any class you are interested in on a drop in basis for as cheap as $9.00 a session. Once you are convinced that this is the right place for you, you may proceed to purchase one of their $75 or $125 passport cards. Not only is it more convenient to use the passport card to take their classes at a discounted rate, but it also allows you the flexibility to take any class you want WHENEVER you want. If you are a college student, go prepared to show your student ID and ask for the student special.

During the Summer, FDF offers a wide variety of fun and affordable summer camps for children. For more information, please refer to the summer camp schedule.

Adult Classes:





Bollywood Fitness



Latin Dance 101




Hip Hop


Youth Classes:



Hip Hop

Fiesta Latina





Have you ever been to this place? How was your experience?

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2009-01-07 09:33:56   Is this new? Where is the location? Sounds like a great place. —HDLee

2009-01-07 10:26:22   Been around since 2008. New location in downtown Davis. Call us or email us (see above) for more details. We hope to hear from you! —DeniseMathieu

2009-05-07 09:38:35   My daughter has joined Fiesta Dance N' Fitness for Bharatnatyam. The teacher is Khurshid. She is a very good dancer herself but she is also a great teacher. I like it that she doesn't stand a lot of nonsense from her students and excepts them to be committed to learning. She is highly motivated and clearly loves dancing herself. Last but not least, the price is very reasonable. —shruti

2009-08-24 02:10:31   This place is awesome - Denise is talented, energetic, and knows what she's doing. The only downside is that you should call before going; more than once I arrived to find that class had been canceled or rescheduled. —tierramor

2009-10-30 11:47:01   There's a new studio on 3rd street!!! It's gorgeous on the inside with a really cool floor. It's at 915 3rd street, behind the 3rd Street Jewelers, across the street from Cable Car Wash, just past the railroad tracks. —ttl

2010-06-20 17:20:40   I've taken a couple of classes here and I really like the passport system which facilitates taking many classes. I also like the atmosphere with all the multicultural pieces and artwork, it is truly a unique environment. —Babhari

2010-10-01 10:07:26   My daughter has taken Bollywood, Spanish Immersion, and Hip Hop classes here. Denise and Mr Q take are inspiring and kind. —JenniferMoylan

2013-01-22 21:44:16   I tried the TurboKick class last week, and it was really crowded, which limited my range of motion (trying not to kick people/get kicked by others). The moves are also a bit underexplained for beginners. My friend was very discouraged by the class. I will try it again before I give up on it. BUT I tried Marlaina's Zumba class last night (theme: Club Party) and it was AWESOME - super fun moves, and challenging while not leaving newcomers in the dust. The normal prices are too high for me (and they announced prices were going up in March), but I will enjoy my groupon while it lasts. —MeggoWaffle

2013-03-16 23:56:07   I have never been to this places but I would like to stay there. I am a lover of Zumba classes in Las Vegas an I would like to know if there are places like Fiesta DanceN' Fitness in Las Vegas. —DianaL