Meeting Location
Wellman Hall
Meeting Time
Alternating Tuesdays at 07:30 PM (see website for more details)
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The Filipino Association for Health Careers—abbreviated as FAHC—is an academic, personal, and social support organization with an emphasis on health–related careers at the University of California, Davis. With a mission supporting students aspiring to pursue a health–related career, all students, regardless of background or major, are encouraged and invited to experience FAHC.

FAHC is one of seven Filipino–American student organizations that comprise the Fil–Am at UC Davis Website:


General Meetings

General Meetings are held on alternating Tuesdays at 07:30 PM in Wellman featuring either a professional panel or workshop. We also have Tagalog Time where we share and teach others how to speak common phrases in tagalog, Fun FAHCs (facts) and "FAHC Rep Time" where our FAHC representative shares upcoming events and opportunities hosted by other health organizations on campus. And not to mention, FREE FOOD at the end of our meetings! We are always open to new ideas and activities for our general meetings, so come out and share your ideas!

A recap of General Meeting is posted on the FAHC Website featuring resources presented during the meeting and information on upcoming activities.


FAHC hosts and participates in a number of events throughout the academic year. Notable annual events include: Fear FAHCtor, Veterano Luncheon, X–FAHCtor, et al. In addition to annual events, FAHC also hosts Box Social, Library Rendezvous, and engages in a number of volunteer opportunities in collaboration with other student and community organizations. Dodge or Dye Social 2014 Holiday with the Veteranos 2013 Health Conference 2013-2014


  • Fear FAHCtor is FAHC's Halloween fundraising clubbing event held every fall quarter. Students get to dress up and dance the night away while also getting the chance to win prizes for best costume.
  • X-FAHCtor is another fundraising clubbing event but held during winter quarter. Our past X-FAHCtor theme was Superhero.

Fear FAHCtor 2013

Veterano Luncheon

Held every fall quarter, FAHC along with Fil-Am at UC Davis come together to honor and celebrate with Filipino World War II Veterans for the holiday season. During this event, students get to interact with veterans and their families as they enjoy live entertainment, games, prizes, food, gifts, and complimentary health screenings by the Bayanihan Clinic!

Our community service coordinator is in charge of collaborating and/or organizing volunteer and community service events for our members. Events include Turkey Trot and Relay for Life.

Health Conference

Filipino Association for Health Careers at UC Davis hosts a health conference biennially. The theme of Health Conference is Passion, not Perfection: Tiyaga sa Paglalakbay (Persevere Through the Journey) to emphasize we all have a unique path toward the health care field despite the obstacles we may face. The conference will feature career panels and workshops led by professionals in various health careers that will broaden the knowledge of medical aspirants.

Health Conference provides students the opportunity to learn more about the health and medical field and are high encouraged to register and attend this year's Health Conference on March 5, 2016.

Thank you to everyone that contributed and participated in our health conference. Look forward to FAHC's Health Conference in 2018!

Big Sib/Lil Sib Program

The Big Sib/Lil Sib Program is FAHC’s peer mentorship program that partners a Big Sib, an established UC Davis student, with a Lil Sib, usually an incoming freshman or transfer student. Big Sibs mentor their Lil Sibs through their transition into the university by serving as a personal and social resource, from offering advice to providing academic tutoring. And what better way to bond with your sibs than Big Sib/Lil Sib week? Every quarter FAHC holds events and activities everyday for a week in order for students to spend time with their sibs! Whether it be ice skating at the Vacaville ice rink to having movie nights or going to the ARC with your sibs, Big Sib/Lil Sib week is a great time to bond and have fun! If you're interested in getting a big sib or lil sib, come out to our meetings where you can find an application form and be sure to come to Revealing night!

Intramural Sports

Outside of career panels and meetings, FAHC is also involved with UC Davis Campus Recreation’s Intramural Sports program. This program provides our members with the opportunity to participate in various sports activities such as basketball, football, volleyball etc. Support Team FAHC! If you are interested in joining team FAHC, be sure to come out to our meetings or contact our current athletic coordinator!

FAHC Intern

Introduced in Fall 2011, the FAHC Intern position provides members an opportunity to gain an insight on officer board positions in FAHC. It's a great way to shadow officers and assist with planning general meetings and major events! Applications for the intern position open Fall Quarter of the school year with up to two Intern positions available. Look out for the application when the school year starts!



FAHC board is comprised of the following elected board officials: President, Internal Vice–President, External Vice–President, Treasurer, Secretary, Academic Chair, Athletic Coordinator, Banquet Coordinator, Community Service Chair, FAHC Representative, His/Herstorian, Public Relations, Publicity Coordinator, and Webmaster. May also include Interns if elected for that year.

2017—2018 FAHC Board

  • Camille Abutin, President
  • Vince Olanda, Internal Vice President
  • Lauren Velasquez, External Vice President
  • Lorren Gumawid, Treasurer
  • Pauline Baltazar, Secretary
  • James Garcia, Co-FAHC Representative
  • Michael Abala, Co-FAHC Representative
  • Caitlyn Minas, Academic Chair
  • Don Atienza, Sports Coordinator
  • Graschelle Hipolito, Co-Community Service Chair
  • Lexi Sardillo, Co-Community Service Chair
  • Rosally Nunez, Public Relations
  • Katrina Jacela, Publicity Coordinator
  • Ivy Yuson, Banquet Coordinator
  • Christina Lukban, Herstorian
  • Deon Anthony, Webmaster
  • TBA, FAHC Intern (feel free to apply)
  • TBA, FAHC Intern (feel free to apply)


Membership to FAHC is open to all students, regardless of background or major.


FAHC maintains an active relationship with its alumni and FAHC extends invitations for alumni to participate in activities benefiting them and current members. For example, FAHC has held an alumni panel featuring former members sharing their post–collegiate experiences, notably the pursuit of their professional careers.

See also: FAHC Alumni Facebook Group


Mga Kapatid

FAHC traces its roots to a committee of Mga Kapatid, Filipino–American Student Association, at the University of California, Davis, between 1981—1985. The Filipino Association for Health Careers (FAHC) was established in 1981 by a group of Filipino students who shared the common goal of promoting health awareness and resources for people interested in pursuing careers in the health field. As a committee of Mga Kapatid, the leaders felt that as a separate organization, the group would be able to have more access to resources, funding, and room rentals.

Cession and Establishment

In 1985, "the committee" ceded from Mga Kapatid and established itself as an independent student organization with a shared vision of promoting health awareness and supporting students aspiring to pursue a health–related career. The newfound organization was registered with the Student Programs & Activities Center at the University of California, Davis as the Filipino Association for Health Careers.

Past Boards

2016—2017 FAHC Board

  • Irina Adao, President
  • Jessica Agcanas, Internal Vice President
  • Melissa De Guzman, External Vice President
  • Sofia Gasacao, Treasurer
  • Anne Mancio, Secretary
  • Lorren Gumawid, FAHC Representative
  • Michael Abala, Academic Chair
  • Nikko Carino, Sports Coordinator
  • Camille Abutin, Co-Community Service Chair
  • James Garcia, Co-Community Service Chair
  • Maria Gasacao, Public Relations
  • Lauren Velasquez, Publicity Coordinator
  • Marisa Estipona, Banquet Coordinator
  • Keilana Real, Herstorian
  • Vince Olanda, Webmaster
  • Graschelle Hipolito, FAHC Intern
  • Pauline Baltazar, FAHC Intern

2015—2016 FAHC Board

  • Michael Baliton, President
  • Jasmin Natividad, Internal Vice President
  • Zachary Bides, External Vice President
  • Jessica Agcanas, Treasurer
  • Chiara Macaraig, Secretary
  • Adrian Racela, Co-FAHC Representative
  • Irina Adao, Co-FAHC Representative
  • Jilaine Abad, Academic Chair
  • Kristian Guintu, Sports Coordinator
  • Sofia Gasacao, Community Service Chair
  • Anne Mancio, Public Relations
  • Mona Mesa, Publicity Coordinator
  • Melissa De Guzman, Webmaster/Herstorian
  • Camille Abutin, FAHC Intern
  • Ian Schindler, FAHC Intern

2014—2015 FAHC Board

  • Donita Barrameda, President
  • Patrick Ancheta, Internal Vice President
  • Michael Baliton, External Vice President
  • Jasmin Natividad, Treasurer
  • Gabe Ricafrente, Secretary
  • Cristina Musngi, FAHC Representative
  • Zachary Bides, Academic Chair
  • Alex Pura, Sports Coordinator
  • Adrian Racela, Community Service Chair
  • Allison Quiros, Public Relations
  • Aurora Sanchez, Publicity Coordinator
  • Maribeth Mutia, Banquet Coordinator
  • Trixianne Batoon, Herstorian
  • Eric Nague, Webmaster
  • Chiara Macaraig, FAHC Intern
  • Jessica Agcanas, FAHC Intern

2013—2014 FAHC Board

  • A.J. Ong, President
  • Alvin Leonardo, Internal Vice President
  • Josef Rivera, External Vice President
  • Jevin Yabut, Treasurer
  • Julie Pham, Secretary
  • Donita Barrameda, FAHC Representative
  • Eunice Magat, Academic Chair
  • J.C. Imperio Solar, Sports Coordinator
  • Regina Agulto, Community Service Chair
  • Patrick Ancheta, Historian
  • Maribeth Mutia, Public Relations
  • Jennica Sandoval, Publicity Coordinator
  • Bernadette Lagman, Banquet Coordinator
  • Gabe Ricafrente, Webmaster
  • Cristina Musngi, FAHC Intern
  • Zachary Bides, FAHC Intern

2012—2013 FAHC Board

  • Miles Orantia, President
  • Ana Gabasan, Internal Vice President
  • Michelle Biteng, External Vice President
  • Candianne David, Treasurer
  • A.J. Ong, Secretary
  • Elvin Campaña, FAHC Representative
  • Jessica Fabillaran, Academic Chair
  • Kervin Masiddo, Sports Coordinator
  • Donita Barrameda, Community Service Chair
  • Angeli Lee, Public Relations
  • Victor Michael Cairel, Publicity Coordinator
  • Jessica Leyva, Banquet Coordinator
  • Eunice Magat, FAHC Intern
  • Jennica Sandoval, FAHC Intern

2011—2012 FAHC Board

  • Jerrico Crisologo, President
  • Stacy Saephan, Internal Vice–President
  • Jesus Rojas, External Vice–President
  • Tony Nguyen, Treasurer
  • Genessa Panoringan, Secretary
  • Joyce Fiel, FAHC Representative
  • Maria Cabe, Academic Chair
  • Herald Hernandez, Co-Athletic Coordinator
  • Miles Orantia, Co-Athletic Coordinator
  • Mariel Lerma, Community Service Chair
  • Michelle Biteng, Herstorian
  • Peggy Dip, Public Relations
  • Ana Gabasan, Co-Publicity Coordinator
  • Vanessa Gonzales, Co-Publicity Coordinator
  • Allen Paolo, Banquet Coordinator
  • Donita Barrameda, FAHC Intern
  • Josef Rivera, FAHC Intern

2010—2011 FAHC Board

  • Kenny Cortez, President
  • Jesus Rojas, Internal Vice–President
  • Ernest Maningding, External Vice–President
  • Miles Orantia, Treasurer
  • Charlyn Ramos, Secretary
  • Brandon Asilo, FAHC Representative
  • Janzel Manalansan, Academic Chair
  • Jerrico Crisologo, Athletic Coordinator
  • Louise Ramos, Banquet Coordinator
  • Stacy Saephan, Community Service Chair
  • Justine Mercadal, Herstorian
  • Maria Cabe, Public Relations
  • Joyce Fiel, Publicity Coordinator
  • Peggy Dip, Webmaster

2009—2010 FAHC Board

  • J.J. Stroud, President
  • Nate Fua, Internal Vice–President
  • Kristine Lee, External Vice–President
  • Jayrod De Los Angeles, Treasurer
  • Charlene Lumanlan, Secretary
  • Kathleen Guintu, FAHC Representative
  • Tim De Dios, Academic Chair
  • Katrina Dajano, Athletic Coordinator
  • Charlyn Ramos, Banquet Coordinator
  • Eilleen Roberto, Community Service Chair
  • Michelle Hsueh, Herstorian
  • Genessa Panoringan, Public Relations
  • Kenneth Cortez, Co–Publicity Coordinator
  • Darryl Paltao, Co–Publicity Coordinator
  • Vincent Yasay, Webmaster

2008—2009 FAHC Board

  • Albert Gacerez, President
  • Virginia Mendoza, Internal Vice–President
  • Rhonald Abitona, External Vice–President
  • Cherish Agustos, Treasurer
  • Kathleen Guintu, Secretary
  • Alison Wu, FAHC Representative
  • Susan Nguyen, Academic Chair
  • Anna Fernando, Athletic Coordinator
  • Sophia Chan, Banquet Coordinator
  • Charlene Lumanlan, Community Service Chair
  • Eilleen Roberto, Herstorian
  • Rod Eguilos, Public Relations
  • J.J. Stroud, Co–Publicity Coordinator
  • Jhan Ongoco, Co–Publicity Coordinator
  • Vincent Yasay, Webmaster

2007—2008 FAHC Board

  • Elio Guiterrez, President
  • Dave Fontecha, Internal Vice–President
  • Albert Gacerez, External Vice–President
  • Rhonald Abitona, Treasurer
  • Denise Veloria, Secretary
  • Stephen Chan, FAHC Representative
  • Lorigail Echipare, Academic Chair
  • Richard Hernandez, Athletic Coordinator
  • Ben Beltran, Banquet Coordinator
  • Larissa Arespacochaga, Community Service Chair
  • Kristeen Pareja, Co-Herstorian/Webmaster
  • Virginia Mendoza, Co-Herstorian/Webmaster
  • Kathleen Guintu, Public Relations
  • Jason Rapanut, Co–Publicity Coordinator
  • Erika Ongoco, Co–Publicity Coordinator