Time of Judgment. End of Days. Armageddon.

Well sorta. Fortunately one can deal with finals week in a variety of ways. They include getting pissed, eating yourself to death with your favorite foods, and procrastination (such as fooling around on wiki).

Projected Image of Frustration during Finals week in front of the Thoreau Hall Dorms. FINALS 3-16-08

Campus is really empty during finals. One almost wonders where everyone is studying. Computer rooms generally have seats, there are places to park and you're not going to get in a bicycling accident.

Saturday finals really suck, but at least you get free campus parking that day.

Optional Final Courses is an listing of courses where taking the final is optional, for whatever reason.


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I think they are mostly all at Java California. It's been absurdly packed lately, even at 4am.EricKlein

Wow 4am has got to be the emptiest time of day so exactly WHY were you parking at 4am?BryanBell

2007-06-10 00:33:43   I've qualitatively noticed the spike in wiki edits during this finals week any chance we can put some numbers to that. Specifically if you peak at the Recent Changes list you'll notice 3 or 4 people who don't normally make many edits adding comments to every Restaurant on the wiki practically. And yes I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now. —AlexMandel