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Karna Chelluri
Justin Zhao
Bailey Cooke
Hari Suresh
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The Finance and Investment Club was founded in the winter of 2007. The club was founded to provide a place for highly motivated students pursuing careers in finance to get together and share their knowledge of finance, and also prepare for future careers in finance. The Finance and Investment Club is a private club; however, there are some meetings and special events a few times a year that are open to the public. Previous public events have been career panels, basic investing seminars, specific industry presentations, and more.

The Finance and Investment Club values dedication, motivation, good interpersonal skills, and a strong willingness to learn in all their members. These values have led our past members to jobs in investment banking, private equity, accounting, trading, and asset management for top companies. The Finance and Investment Club also has a strong alumni network that works on matching members with an alumni mentor, which is critical for success in finance.


The Finance and Investment Club provides applicants three opportunities to apply for club membership. All three application times are held before the start of a new quarter. Club membership is taken seriously as the life of the club depends on strong new members that have the same drive for success. For more information on applying see the club website or email the club.