Fiona Wong is a singer/songwriter who had a short stint in Davis. Between 2002 and 2003, she performed at the Whole Earth Festival, Cafe Roma, Borders, and DCTV.

She released one album in 2002, titled Missing You Only. Armadillo Music might have one or two copies left. MP3s are available from her website, listed below.

Fiona received her MS in Computer Science from UC Davis in 2003. Under Dr. Felix Wu, she worked on TCPopera, a TCP network simulator. She also TAed for some of Dr. Wu's undergraduate operating systems classes. - Official Website


Missing You Only (2002)

Self-released. Musicians include Thom Duell, Robert Berry, Owen Bradley, Jeff Mayor, Davis De Castro Pupo Nogueira, Peter Boris, Rick Allegria. Produced and engineered by Robert Berry, Thom Duell, and Fiona Wong. Recorded at Soundtek Studios, Campbell, CA.

  1. It Doesn't Matter

  2. Follow You Through

  3. Some Sentimental Time

  4. Love's Loss

  5. All or Nothing

  6. Sell Out

  7. Missing You Only

  8. Broken Man

  9. Why You Left

  10. It's All For You

  11. Sympathetic Love

  12. Forever

All songs written by Fiona Wong.