T h e   E l e m e n t s   o f   D a v i s

UC Davis firefighters at a 2009 practice burn in West Campus

Davis occasionally burns. Er, rather it occasionally catches fire. And then some people in Davis either enjoy it (if it is firewood, bans notwithstanding), or they try to put it out.

Common fires of a less savory nature include grass fires, although the fire of 1916 damaged the city. Every once in a long while, there are exploding things in Davis.

Those who put it out work for the Fire Department or they are part of the volunteer Davis Fire Crew. We also look to the West Plainfield Fire Department and UC Davis Fire Department (including the Student Resident Firefighters) for handling fires. They all use equipment from their fire stations and the fire hydrants scattered throughout town.

Also responding to fire disasters, but not exclusively fighting fires, are the fine volunteers of the Community Emergency Response Team.

Some people from Davis put out fires in the wilderness around the state, and are members of the Davis Fire Crew. They may use the Wilbur Wildland Fire Transport.

Utterly useless at fighting fires is the Aggie Pack Fire Engine, although it would assist the city in a dire sock emergency.

Fun events that occur that are related to fire fighting include the Fire Day on the Quad and the UC Davis Fire Department Pancake Breakfast. You can also catch fire twirlers downtown on warm Thursday nights.

Sometimes you can smell smoke from nearby fires; fire detection maps for the region are available here.