Fire University

E Street Plaza
Thursday 9pm until at least 11pm

Fire University(F.U.) is a weekly community run fire event that teaches how to safely fire dance/spin for free. There are not formal classes, but rather every student is a teacher. It typically starts around 9pm and goes until 11pm. On clear nights it is held at E Street Plaza and during rainy nights it moves to Central Park.

Fire University was started in 2006. It is not a performance troupe and does not accept monetary donations. Everyone is welcome to come to watch and learn as long as they are willing to follow some basic community principles. Alcohol containers are not tolerated at F.U.

To spin fire one must dress only in natural fibers and never nylon or polyester. There is a minimum proficiency that should be achieved with a non fire prop before anyone lights up. When going out to spin fire, ensure that you have a designated fire safety ready to use a duvetyne to extinguish any unwanted fire. F.U. is a self managing community and everyone present is asked to confront anyone who is acting in an unsafe manner or blatantly breaking laws.

The fuel of choice at F.U. is Coleman Stove Fuel aka "White Gas" available at ACE Hardware. There is a centralized fuel dump with a communal dip can. This lighted area is where all fuel should be kept and dispensed.

If you wish to learn, there will be people willing to teach you a variety of props.

Don't forget your fuel!!!