Flannel Wednesday is a holiday occurring weekly on Wednesday that commemorates the accomplishment of making it to the middle of the week, a difficult feat after a long weekend. The event was created in October 2011 by undergraduate students Noah Dennis, Gino Grilli, and Ruben Almanza (all of which hailing from the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity). The three men have observed the holiday every week, by wearing flannel shirts throughout the day, finishing the day with a few beers and a recap of the days events.

In recent times the holiday has been participated in by large numbers of students, both in the Greek system and out (GDI). It has become especially popular to celebrate the event by attending happy hour at the Grad, or going to Vito's for $0.99 PBR's. Co-Founder Noah Dennis observing Flannel Wednesday Toad Tunnel style Co-Founder Gino Grilli raging in dedication to Flannel Wednesday Co-Founder Ruben Almanza celebrating Flannel Wednesday by shredding the gnar


The holiday began when it became apparent that an original founder of the event was in the midst of celebrating a birthday on Wednesday. Already wearing flannels the three men decided to go to the nearest park and enjoy some beverages. Co-Founder Gino Grilli giving an interview to the local news affiliate