Flip Cup is a skill based game where 2 teams flip their cups after drinking it's contents in a relay race fashion.

What is needed to play:

  • 2 teams of equal size
  • A long, clean table
  • 1 cup per person
  • Beer (or other alcohol such as wine or liquor NOTE: using other alcohol can end very dangerously, or very funnily)


  • Each person should fill up their cup to about quarter full
  • "Match Up": Raise your cup the the person across the table from you to ensure that each team has the same number of players and to make sure each opposing player has the same amount of beer.
  • To start, the 2 first people must cheers, touch their cups to the table, and drink.
  • When it is their turn, each player must drink the contents of their cup, place it upside down on the edge of the table, and flip it 360 degrees until it lands upside down on the table again and comes to a rest. Each player must do this until all players have done it successfully. Note: many people play Tip Cup where you start with the cup right side up and flip it to upside down. This requires much less skill.
  • The next person to go may not touch their cup until the person before has successfully flipped
  • The game ends when the last person on either team finishes