Comments for The Craft of Fo' Paws, prior to Pawsitive Groomers splitting off.

2010-03-25 16:58:40   Excellent service. My Goldendoodle looked great. They even left a little tuft of hair over his nonexistent family jewels. —JimStewart

2010-12-18 18:03:50   We took our St. Bernard here after Petco couldn't handle him and asked us not to come back. He's a high-maintenance dog with a thick, matted coat, who hates being groomed...but he came back happy and looking great. We are very thankful! —scompton15

2010-12-19 00:10:28   I've had dogs that need to be groomed since I was about sixteen, that was a.....while ago, so I've been to lots of groomers over the years. So when my dogs (a Bichon, a tough cut, and a Pug, an easy bath) look great, go in happily, and come out the same, I know I have found the place. The staff here are wonderful and kind people as well! —Davidlm

2011-03-06 11:46:06   WARNING - my husband and I were at the Davis Rock yard yesterday March 5th and happen to see the pet grooming place. I was watching a lady groom a little dog with long black hair (i think it was a Japanese Chin). She was working on taking a bow/rubber band from off the dogs head. She basicly ripped it out along with a bunch of hair. she ripped it out so hard that the rubber ban snapped and hit her hand and she yelled ouch! The poor little dog yelped. I waited around for quite a while to wait for some owner to come by - no one came. I told the Ace employee. I started this account in hopes that the owner of that little dog will not go back there. I would never go there. I was very upset. —BridgetDavis

  • I have to wonder if you've ever owned a dog. Or tried to groom a dog. I've owned or lived with them most of my life and my mom used to groom them. Grooming is a hard job with often uncooperative animals and there is sometimes a little pain involved for both parties. What you described does not sound abusive to me. My dog goes to Fo' Paws and looks forward to it. —JimStewart
  • 2011-03-08 18:12:05   This is in response to Ms Davis's comment,regarding Little Lolly and her pony tail. We have been grooming Lolly since she was 4 mos old. If you do not know her you dont know about her temper tantrums she has which sounds like your hurting her, as for her pony tail she gets groomed every 4 weeks. Rubber bands break and if you took a rubber band from your head some hair would come out. If your ever in the rock yard come on in ask question look around. We are a friendly group.vicki Bunfill Manager of The Craft of Fo Paws. —VickiBunfill
    • 2011-03-19 14:47:29   OKAY - i am sorry if i made people mad. I am just saying what i saw. maybe what i saw was not as bad as i thought but if it was my dog or pet i would have been upset. that's it. —BridgetDavis