Happy Pets Are Those Groomed By Terri

1735 East Eighth St
Terri Martinez
Current hours are by appointment only
Please call to make an appointment, no walk-ins accepted
(530) 759-0124

Fo' Paws Pet Grooming is a pet grooming service that operates in Davis on E. 8th Street across from Dollar Tree. The owner, Terri Martinez, learned grooming during her 17+ years with Charlene Benjamin of the original "Fo' Paws". It is in Charlene's memory that she strives to carry on the legacy of Fo' Paws. Their motto is the same, "The Best of Care, for Your Best of Friends". Terri operated under the name "The Craft of Fo' Paws" for a time until she obtained a business license for the name "Fo' Paws Pet Grooming." Terri has operated in both Davis and Woodland, and is happy to now have a permanent, convenient location on 8th Street near downtown Davis.

Fo' Paws offers a full line of pet grooming services for dogs, cats, and smaller family pets (rabbits, birds, etc.). Terri Martinez has been in the animal grooming and service business for 20+ years and takes great pride in quality service at a reasonable price.

Prices vary depending upon the animal and what you'd like done, complete baths start at $20.00 & complete grooming, including a bath, start at $45.00. Call to get a rough estimate and schedule an appointment and they can give an exact price before grooming your pet. If you call they may not answer the phone, so leave a detailed message and they will call you back. First time customers receive 10% off their 1st visit with any of the "flyers" Fo' Paws is currently putting out.

They continue as always, to specialize in older dogs, cats, puppies & kittens having their first grooming, "special needs" animals and those who've been turned away from other shops or who've had a "bad grooming experience". If you've ever hoped someone would treat your pet like you do—you've come to the right place.


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Comments prior to Pawsitive Groomers splitting off in 2011.

2011-08-17 09:58:08   big Congrats on reopening. I know you'll do great. —LoriCarter

2013-01-19 14:56:06   Fo' Paws is GREAT. Terri took care of my non-too-happy, long-matted-haired cat with ease. I highly recommend her. —HarrySpanglet

2013-04-13 19:33:33   Terri is an excellent groomer! She is always good to my dog, and to me, too. While Oso does not look forward to going to the groomer, he is always contented when I pick him up. The setting is really charming, and when they are not busy, I often find Terri sitting outside on the porch with Oso waiting for me, just watching squirrels and enjoying the fresh air. I am so thankful that we have someone who is as gentle with our dog as we would be ourselves. With other groomers Oso used to get ear infections after a grooming, but he's never had a problem with Terri. She always does a really great job. We are so happy you moved back to Davis! —LibbyEarthman

2013-06-17 15:57:11   We went to Terri at The Craft of Fo Paw for the first time with our little Shih Tzu. She is great and did an awesome job. She is definitely delivering the Fo Paw quality grooming that I remember. My little guy is just so happy even at a groomer when we picked him up. We'll definitely go back to her. —ChristinaChan

2013-07-04 01:59:23   I just moved into town and was looking for a groomer for my long-haired, 14-year-old cat. I called another place first and they never even returned my call, so I asked my vet and they recommended Fo' Paws. Terri called back right away and I got in within a few days. She did the MOST AMAZING job on my cat! And so quickly as well! She works out of her home, so it's not as scary to my cat as the big box stores and she only does one at a time, which is really nice. My poor kitty was traumatized enough from the move and because she's older, she gets stressed more easily now. Terri was so caring to my kitty; you can tell she truly cares about your pet. I'm also SO impressed with the quality of her work - it's incredible! All the snarls were out of her fur, her fur was super soft, she did a sanitary-shave, everything! All this in only a couple hours. I would recommend Fo' Paws for everyone! Thank you Terri!!! —AlisonTaplin

2013-09-11 19:06:07   Terri recently groomed my friends large female dog and did a great job. Terri is a sweetheart with the animals and the owners! She really cares & one can tell. She also does a great job of working with animals that tend to freak out / get really really tense —StevenDaubert

2014-02-13 13:42:52   We took our very nervous, matted and stinky new adopted dog to Fo Paws. Terri did a wonderful job and made our dog (and us) feel at ease. We highly recommend Terri and Fo Paws.


2014-06-12 09:11:42   Terri is awesome! My little Lucy (12 week old Great Pyrenees) is having her second grooming this morning. Although she can't quite get into the car on her own she loves Terri when she sees her. Lucy comes back happy. That's when you know you've chosen an excellent groomer. —taritippit

2015-03-30 17:16:12   I am seriously amazed by the quality and compassion of Terri's business. I ended up taking care of a dog that was found on the bypass that was matted, flea ridden, and terrified. The poor guy had outgrown his fur so badly that he had dreads on his face and all over his body. I was horrified and unsure that his fur could even be dealt with. I was recommended to Terri by Western Feed and Pet Supply. She usually doesn't take appointments on Sundays but she graciously made an exception for the little guy. I left the small terrier with Terri and she called back in about an hour and fifteen minutes telling me that she was finishing up and that I could pick him up. I could not believe the wonders she worked on this dog! He was clean shaven, smelled fantastic, and she did a wonderful job with his serious flea problem. Not only that, she offered a leash that was perfect for his size, and some flea medicine that another customer had donated. The dog was calm and at ease when I picked him up. Terri really cares for all animals and is a wonderful groomer. I appreciate her service and certainly recommend her to all. —laurakatkins

2015-06-14 11:30:28   The BEST ever!!!! I love that Terri takes one client at a time so I know my Aussie is getting her full attention and isn't put in a kennel for any period of time. My Aussie girl has a thick coat that Terri brushes out beautifully. I live in Sacramento, but I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else!!!! —patti

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1735 East Eighth St