451 Pioneer Ave.
Woodland, CA 95776
N 38° 40.476' W 121° 44.705'
24 hours!

Food 4 Less is a warehouse-type supermarket with a texting style name. They do not require a membership in order for you to shop there. They are cheap! But beware, some food may be expired or on the verge of expiring. However, non-food items are a good deal! They carry dry ice.

It is similar to Grocery Outlet, except that Food 4 Less is a much larger store. Grocery Outlet is smaller than a regular supermarket, but Food 4 Less is a giant warehouse that is larger than a supermarket. Food 4 Less is more like a Costco warehouse (minus the membership) than a small market.

They seem to have a pretty massive selection of liquor, with a whole wall full of good stuff right by the checkout lines.

Food 4 Less is a franchise and the stores are owned by various owners throughout the country. The Food 4 Less stores in Woodland, Vallejo, and Cameron Park are run by Nugget Market.

You have to bag your own groceries, probably for cost-cutting reasons.

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