825 Russell Blvd.
University Mall, in the space where Gottschalks used to be
Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM
Sun 11AM-6PM
(530) 758-2759
Forever 21, Inc.
April 2011 in Davis
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit

Forever 21 is a Los Angeles-based clothing chain. They had an informal opening Friday, April 1, 2011 and had an official grand opening April 2. This store carries both the women's and men's lines of clothing.

The mystery of who will replace Gottschalks came to an end 05/18/2010 when the Sacramento Bee reported article that Forever 21 signed a lease to move into the spot. They specialize in trendy/fashionable women's clothing. Forever 21 also has nearby outlets in Sacramento and Roseville. They were also the antagonist of the Emmy award winning documentary "Made in L.A. (2007)" The lawsuit against Forever 21 was dropped, and Forever 21 agreed to take steps to ensure that their clothing is not made in sweatshops.

This picture is of Opening Day, Line wrapped past Cost Plus, to the corner of Trader Joe's, and down Sycamore!


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2011-04-02 15:18:00   Waded through the masses and shopped at Forever 21 today. This store is HUGE! While it is not the largest I've been to, it is a close second—far larger than the store in Arden Fair Mall. They have a great selection of women's clothing, as well as a small section of bras/underwear, a medium section of shoes, a medium section of women's "accessories," and a medium sized men's section (one corner of the store). The layout of the store is very "open," so it's much easier to navigate around without bumping into people (even with the mad rush of people today). There are two unisex dressing rooms, both of which had long lines today, but will likely calm down in a few weeks. Overall I think this is a great store with a wide enough selection to satisfy the majority of shoppers. :) —Morganna

2011-04-03 22:39:32   Does anyone know if this Forever21 has a plus size section? —JenniferOrnelas

  • VERY disappointed to say that they don't. For the size of the store they really should, but I guess they thought it wasn't necessary. In other large stores I've been to, they do have plus sections, but not here. —Morganna
  • Not a section, though it seemed that many styles had a pretty broad range of sizes on the rack. —Rocksanddirt
  • That's terrible! Given the huge amount of space it is disappointing that they would not have a section to highlight their new plus-size line. I guess I'll have to keep going to Solano Mall for that...or online...Boo!—ArianeMetz
  • Actually they may have a tiny one. Most of the clothes I've seen near the dressing rooms are plus sized. —MeganYourFace

2011-04-04 11:46:17   Went Sat Late Morning. Oh the joys of teenage girl children. /sarcasm. Anyway. Seemed like a well run store, the staff were obviously very busy, and some didn't seem to know exactly what was going on, but were helpful and friendly. We had to make a return (two hrs in the dressing room line was not happening) later in the afternoon, and while the policy is fair and clearly posted there was a bit of a challenge to get the computer system to accept return items. Appearently a manager needs to log in and password accept each return individually. While it might help for 'return fraud' it is a drag if you have more than one item to return. In general high marks for opening day, and while I'm not a forever21 demographic customer, I'm sure we'll be back. —RocksandDirt

2011-04-10 12:31:10   I was so lost and overwhelmed in here, but in a good way- The store kept going and going. Hooray for Fashion Sensory Overload! —jsbmeb

2011-04-17 03:30:35   Well, I stopped by yesterday and the employees were having a bit of an awkward situation. The clothes shopping was nice until I heard some giggling and shock after an employee had found soiled jeans in one of the dressing rooms. I just thought that was absurd. A brand new pair of women's jeans wasted in such a gross manner. From the sounds of it, they handled the situation, but nonetheless an awkward sounding one for all the people there at the time of the incident. :P —Weesito

2011-04-26 02:16:49   Did Forever 21 add an exterior entrance? I thought that when the store was Gottschalks it only had an indoor entrance. —MaxLucas

  • The lobby/indoor hallway thing by Starbucks is now part of Forever 21, so yes.

2011-05-24 23:12:39   I like Forever 21, and this location seems great. I like the way the store is setup (it's huge!), the prices are good, and the staff is friendly, from what I've seen. —KianaFreitas

2012-03-26 21:51:06   Not the biggest Forever 21 I've been in, but it's only smaller than the two story one at the Roseville Galleria. Like most of the Forever 21's, great prices for clothes and the only real clothing store that I can reasonably as a college student.

I can't say much about the help though. The cashier I had seemed very unfriendly and the girl at the dressing room wandered off multiple times leaving people to wait and not knowing what to do with their clothes. Another girl and I left our clothes on the counter because we didn't know where to hang them up at after trying them on.


2012-04-15 I can say as of today that there is definitely a plus size section at Forever 21. There's a sign up at the front and the clothes appear to be in the back end. —JenniferRutherford