"Free beer", a phrase that will send the hearts of many college students into a flutter, is entirely possible in a college town such as Davis.

Places to find free beer include:

  • Kegs everywhere
  • Frat Parties
  • Bro Parties
  • Random parties that you just happen to walk into
  • Parties that your friend throws — general party etiquette dictates that you should invite said friend to a party at later date featuring free beer

Free beer is often, but not always is paired with free booze. Please note that free booze is to be regarded with a degree of suspicion as it is easier to spike than beer from a keg or a can. Also, do not accept free beer in a cup from strangers, rather fill the beer from the keg yourself.

As the saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch; it would follow that there are some disadvantages to free beer as well.

Disadvantages of free beer:

  • Free beer is often shitty beer — see Natty Ice (Well Why would we want to spend good money for people we don't know or care about?)
  • Increases risk of Date Rape (Depends on Shadiness Factor of Specific Houses)
  • Having to hang out with Bros and Frat Boys (Depends on whether or not you like the guys of course)
  • Having Bros and Frat Boys hit on/molest you (Depends on Shadiness Factor of Specific Houses)
  • May entice you to rape / molest / hit on people and not remember it the next morning, thus leading to a variety of negative consequences
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

- Benjamin Franklin; journalist, publisher, statesman, author, philanthropist, public servant, scientist, librarian, diplomat, inventor, and dude on the $100 bill (1706-1790)

Fungal Fact!

Free Beer (like all other beer) is made from yeast. Yeast are budding fungi that excrete alcohol under anaerobic conditions. An interesting UC Davis fact is that Emil M. Mrak (as in Mrak hall) was a food science professor who studied yeasts. He has two species named for him: Williopsis mrakii and Zygosaccharomyces mrakii. - The Saprophyte

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2008-10-20 11:29:06   I was told that the Animal Science department is the only one that has beer at their functions - there was a BBQ about a week ago. —GretchenW