Free Community Advertising is advertising that you can do when you don't have any money. Many important groups and events are advertised for by just posting things around and word of mouth.

Some ideas:

  • Flyers — check out Wiki Flyer.
  • Mailing listsSPAC has a list of student group contacts. On-topic solicitations only please.
  • Chalking — Waking up super early and going into Wellman and Olson to write messages on the chalkboards is likely worth it. These messages (if placed properly on the inactive areas of the chalkboards) usually stay up for weeks. There are some rules regarding chalking — what are they? Can only SPAC groups post on these boards? — I can help make one of those fancy looking chalkboarding screens if anyone is interested, getting me up at 6am might prove more of a challenge. - DanMasiel
  • Leafletting — people often hand out quarter sheets at the Memorial Union.
  • Mass Posterings — kill several of trees with one... stapler?
  • Newspapers — Free, on-campus events: fill out a form at the California Aggie front desk, 25 Lower Freeborn hall, to be listed in the daily calendar. You can also email your daily calendar events to Concerts in or near Davis: E-mail the arts editor at for a listing in Artsweek.
  • Television — provide you local Media outlets with a press release or hold a news conference. If it's a worthy cause, you might get some free air time.
  • Radio — You can get a public service announcement on KDVS (check the official site for info or just go down there).
  • Craigslist — a truly amazing community-based free classifieds search.
  • DavisPost — is a free and dedicated classified ads website exclusively for Davis residents and students only!

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