Freeway Bridges are for use by different combinations of automobiles as well as pedestrians and bicyclists.

Freeway Overcrossings (Bridges) and Undercrossing for Automobiles

These overcrossings and the undercrossing are also for pedestrians and bicyclists except for the freeway ramps.

Beginning westbound on I-80 into Davis there's the Mace Boulevard Overcrossing. Next there's the Pole Line Road Overcrossing. Then there's the Richards Boulevard Overcrossing. Then the Old Davis Road Undercrossing. They all have freeway exits and entrances in both directions.

The I-80 Freeway Overcrossings can offer excellent views of the Sunset.

When turning north onto Highway 113 off of I-80 there's two freeway ramp overcrossings on the left. One is from eastbound I-80 to northbound 113 and the other one is from southbound 113 to eastbound I-80. Continuing on 113 there's Garrod Drive which has no freeway exits or entrances. Then there's Hutchison Drive, Russell Boulevard and Covell Boulevard.

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