Current and Recent Freshman Seminars.

Freshman Seminars are a fun way for Freshmen to have a less formally structured class where they interact directly with their professors, rather than with TAs. Since the FRS courses do not fulfill major prerequisites, they allow the students to focus on learning for the fun of it - especially in the pass-no pass ones. Participation is a big part of these seminars, what with the small class sizes: enrollment is limited to 20, but can be as low as 7 or 16.

These are neat classes for the professors to teach as well, as they get to focus with students on matters that might not be enough to run a 4 unit course around, but appeal intellectually to all parties.

There are four types of Freshman Seminars

  • FRS 001-types are one unit letter-graded
  • FRS 002-types are two unit letter-graded
  • FRS 003-types are one unit pass-no pass
  • FRS 004-types are two unit pass-no pass

As would be expected, the graded ones are more work, yet still do not require too much out of class time to be placed upon them. That said, minor amounts of homework are probably given in each. Nothing too daunting, but one should still keep that in mind. Its annoying to remember the night before the class that one was supposed to write a paragraph, or read a few pages.

Despite the name, Freshman Seminar courses are open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors as well if they haven't been filled up by Freshmen during the Freshies earlier pass times.

Amusingly, in the summer of '06 a Freshman Seminar apparently included in part a section on the Davis Wiki. Good to see the Freshmen being exposed to the Culture of Davis. This class is discussed within the Cultural Offerings of the City of Davis


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