Friends Urging Campus Kindness, Education and Diversity is a new future slate based on the ideals of the former Friends Urging Campus Kindness, but wishes to expand on their work, planning to run at some time for ASUCD Senate. This new group seeks to further issues relating to the student government in order to expose any misrepresentation and increase communication and interaction between the ASUCD and the student body. As before, we support change, the norm is reform as was said, in addition we wish to educate and involve the student body and hence introduce a greater diversity of thought into the student community. This group is not restricted to the UC Davis campus, we would like to see our goal and ideals spread to all campuses.


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2007-02-04 21:25:56   Well I will say that I certainly am amused by Laura's statement. —RobRoy

2007-02-04 23:17:05   Ditto —PaulHarms