This page is for discussing the contents of Friends of West Pond.

Wouldn't it be better if much of the content were on West Pond instead? Now there's more here than there. —BruceHansen

Friends of West Pond is a separate organization than the West pond itself, granted it's charge is the West pond... Daubert also the friends obviously care about this page, I for one thing it's fine

They seem to be creating a really good resource. Everything is released, so it can be used on the birdwatching page or something like that later. Their contributions seem useful and fun. -jw

Seems OK to me, too — good content on both pages. I'm glad to see them putting so much effort into both the pond and the pages. —cp

I think some of it could certainly be included on the West Pond page, but I like the content of both pages already. —tg

Bolding the West Area Pond link, which I just did, makes for less of a problem for me. And maybe it will help with the flow of content between the two pages, like water flowing between two bodies of water. —BruceHansen