Birdwatching at the south end of the Pond


The Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden The Friends of West Pond is a volunteer association of people who enjoy the wildlife habitat at the West Area Pond in Davis. The Friends welcome new members and there is no obligation of time or money. While you enjoy spending time here, just keep a watchful eye on wildlife and human activities in and around West Pond and share anything new or different going on. Inappropriate activities should be reported to the Davis Police Dept.

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The Pond is an enhanced wetland wildlife habitat, while its primary purpose is to retain stormwater runoff and help prevent flooding. In the dry months, water is provided by a supplementary well at the SW corner of the Pond. The well that is dedicated to the Pond is not in service now, and the Pond must rely on rain and runoff from the neighborhood. The Pond is enclosed by a security fence and is designated a "Wildlife Preserve" and "Sensitive Habitat Area" by the City of Davis. Native trees and shrubs grow on the slopes around the Pond and provide habitat for a diversity of wildlife. The Public Works Dept. manages the water levels and vegetation inside the fenced area.

The Pond can fill during winter storms and water is pumped to channels that lead all the way to the Sacramento River. Each September, The California Coastal Commission designates a "CA Coast and Waterways Cleanup Day." On that day, volunteers go inside the metal fence around the Pond to pick up trash and recyclables. It's more fun than it sounds! Watch for announcements of next year's Cleanup Day in The Davis Enterprise, and see photos from past Cleanups on our Facebook page.

Watch Wildlife

Birding along the Greenbelt

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Join Gene Trapp and other local birders on the first Wed. of every month for a two-hour birding and botanizing walk in the West Pond area. Walks start at the Gazebo at the park at the west end of Isle Royale Ln. at 9AM, Oct-May, and at 8AM, June-Sept. Walks are co-sponsored by The Friends of West Pond and the Yolo Audubon Society. The beauty of monthly visits to a specific location is an increased understanding of the seasonal variation in plant and animal activities. Bring your binoculars and join us on these walks.

The Greenbelt is perfect for birdwatching all year around.

Checklist of Birds to download and print: Checklist of Birds at West Pond 2015.pdf

   Great Backyard Bird Count Lists 2011- GBBCs .pdf

Checklist of Butterflies 2007-present:  Butterflies at West Pond2015.pages.pdf

Annotated List of Mammals, Herps and Fish at West Pond and Surrounding Neighborhood:    WestPond_Mammal_HerpList_January2015_Version9..pdf

One of three information signs Branchload of Bushtit Babies Green Herons are common at the Pond Sharp-shinned Hawk Great Egrets Raccoons are part of the natural scene at the Pond

Bike or Stroll the Greenbelt at West Pond

The Greenbelt has paved walkways and several comfortable benches. The small Park at the west end of Isle Royale Lane has picnic tables shaded by a trellis/gazebo, a lawn for games, and a drinking fountain. At the north end, near the UCD Medical Bldg., there is a second picnic area within a small garden, and a Bocce court for public use. Restrooms are at the Medical Bldg open Mon-Fri. There is a bus stop at the corner of Arlington Boulevard and Shasta Drive for the D K and P lines. You can walk, pedal, or drive to the Greenbelt. There's parking space for cars and a rack for bikes at the west end of Isle Royale Lane.

Visit the Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden and Native Pollinator Garden

The Friends of West Pond planted the Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden in 2007. You are very welcome to join our garden work parties at 9am on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Weds of the month! Contact to learn about upcoming events or check our Facebook page for announcements.

What we started with in 2007... How it looks today! Mosaic stepping stones add some extra color to the Garden Patty Flynn has painted the log sections donated to the Garden

Recent Sightings:

In April, 2015, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the dedication of the Pond, and the Friends of West Pond received a proclamation from the City of Davis:

Volunteers at the Sept. 2014 Cleanup Day

Canada Geese paddle past a Wilson's Snipe Anna's Hummingbird feeds one of her two fledglings Female Wood Duck checks out this nest box Nuttall's Woodpeckers tap loudly Fall Potluck Picnic, October 2013