Most drinks will do, but straight shots are impossible as the number of drinks is around 50-75 for a good game. Beer and weaker mixed drinks work best. Fuck the dealer is on the higher volume end of Drinking games.


  • 3 Minimum
  • 6+ Preferable


  • To get massively drunk
  • For the dealer to get rid of the deck.


  • Pick a dealer.
  • Dealer looks at player to their left and says "Guess."
  • Dealer looks at top card in the deck.
  • Player guesses a card in the deck (No suit. "7" or "Queen" will do).


A Round

  • If player correctly guesses the card on the first try, the dealer drinks 10 drinks.
  • If player is wrong, the dealer says "Higher" or "Lower". The player has one more chance to get it right.
  • If player guesses right on his/her second try, dealer drinks 5.
  • If the player is wrong, player drinks the difference between what the card was and what was guessed. (e.g. The card is Queen, the guess is 9, player drinks 3.)

Next Step

  • After the round, the card is placed face up on the table, and lined up in sequential order. The guessed or failed card is discarded. This is so everyone can see previously played cards.
  • Dealer repeats round for next player in circle.
  • For the dealer to get rid of the deck, three players in a row must guess incorrectly.
  • When this happens, the deck is passed to the left and that player is the new dealer.
  • Repeat until all the cards have been guessed or you are sufficiently drunk.

It is called fuck the dealer because after two or three people have had the deal, the next person is going to get fucked because it starts to get really difficult after 2 or 3 people have been dealer. Someone could do the math, but that would be out of step with the drinking game philosophy.