Food truck outside Mondavi Center
7:00am-5:00pm and sometimes later
Wheelchair Accessible
October 2012
Payment Methods
Non Food Features

The Fusion Fresh Cafe is the official name of the food truck that is outside the Mondavi Center. Though the UC Davis news service originally reported that the truck was going to be run by Sodexo, the guys at Shah's Halal Food confirm that the same owners own both food trucks (though the food is different). Reportedly the lunch dishes (such as the chicken kabobs) are similarly tasty.

They serve breakfast and lunch, and are open later on Mondavi show nights.


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2013-12-04 01:50:22   This food truck does have pretty much every item that Shah's has (http://daviswiki.org/Shah%27s_Halal_Food). It's popular amongst the law student crowd due to its close proximity to King Hall and we can get good food w/o having to deal w/ undergrads (long lines) at the Silo or at Shah's. The chicken over rice is fantastic and the employees are always super friendly. —RyanMeyerhoff