This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


2171 Cowell Boulevard Right by Dos Coyotes and Safeway in South Davis

Fusions closed in 2005, and was a completely mediocre place to eat. They served a mix of Asian and Californian food — with results that ended up being a bit bland and (for what you got) not a very good value. The food said "I want to be trendy", not "I want to be good." The decor said the same thing. Picture yourself in a big city, in a downtown, lunchtime-type restaurant. This is what Fusions Asian Bistro was (only in Davis). To their credit, they served a decent selection of vegetarian options. Possibly was a good place to get some good drinks after work, but not a restaurant you would have gone to because of good eats. Especially for the price. They did however have cheap drinks Thursday through Saturday, $5 pitchers of Budlight and $2 Sake Bombs.

Their heated patio was surely one of the nicest businesses to relax at in South Davis, especially when it's hot enough not to need the "heated" aspect.

Replaced by Duke's, a sports bar.


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2008-03-29 16:45:10   Good riddance. In trying to be both "trendy" and "cuisine", it ended up being neither. —CurlyGirl26