Two Locations
1361 West Covell Boulevard 115-B
2135 Cowell Boulevard
(530) 757-7288 (West Covell Location)

GNC is a national chain store for sports nutrition and supplements. Their standard daily prices are much higher than one can find products elsewhere, but their ever present sales keep the prices down to within a reasonable degree of competitiveness. They also offer a "gold card" membership that gives discounts during the first week of every month. It is important to note that GNC products found at Rite Aid are often not subject to the same sales and gold card prices; you are better off going to the actual GNC location to purchase any products.

There are two GNC outlets in town.

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2012-06-09 15:20:26   When shopping at GNC, it is important to know your products and specific needs beforehand. After many years of shopping at many different GNC centers, it is plainly apparent to anyone with any knowledge of nutrition (and/or the supplement industry) that GNC employees will tell you whatever they feel like in order to up-sell you to higher profit products. Do your research beforehand, pick your product, and do not let the store attendant try to sway you from your purchase. I cannot even begin to recount the NUMEROUS times I've been told blatant falsehoods in order to try and sway my purchases. (My personal favorite is "Wheybolic 60" protein powder. I feel like I need to clean myself off with a shovel after all the B.S. I've been told by store clerks trying to up-sell me on that product. My most recent favorite line (fed to a dude while I was in the store) "Never buy Muscle Milk; it's the worst product on the market. It's got more fat and calories than a McDonald's milkshake." Not only is that patently untrue, they aren't exactly considering the fact that the fats in Muscle Milk are healthy fats like mono and polyunsaturated fats, and medium chain triglycerides (aka the good parts of coconut oil) which is a saturated fat that isn't even stored by the body.)

So yeah, when you go there, make sure what you want is on sale, don't be fooled into something else, and unless you find a rare bird of a GNC employee DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THEIR "ADVICE." —KimballStone