a cornerstone in the 200 block Bike signet at the top of bike racks that line the street.

This article is about the street. For the bar, see G Street Pub.

G Street is a downtown street that runs north-south, parallel to F Street and the railroad tracks. The southern end is a curve that turns into 1st Street. The northern terminus is at the intersection of G and 8th Streets. H Street intersects with G Street just south of 8th Street.

If any single point could be considered the cornerstone of downtown Davis, it would be Second & G, where sits a small cluster of bars, restaurants and shops, as well as some nice outdoor seating for smokers and bar patrons. Read through the drinking section of our Town History to get an idea of how important this corner of our world truly is! The longer you spend in Davis, the more stories you'll have of your experiences near this little intersection.

Here you can hang with a few locals and share a pitcher and shoot some pool, throw a few darts, or listen to local musicians at one of the pubs. Just down the street is a wine bar for a quieter evening with friends, and just two blocks over is Sophia's Thai Kitchen and its popular bar. Pretty much everything is within a block or two stroll from Second & G, making it an excellent jumping off point for your evening.

Throughout the day, however, G Street is a center of activity, offering up the Davis Food Co-op, Ken's Bike & Ski, a range of restaurants, ACE Hardware, Hibbert Lumber, and business services such as property management, Copyland, and The Secretariat. The train station is a pleasant place to relax with friends, drink pearl tea and enjoy some town flora.

G Street was once known as Olive Street. Olive Street was the main street of Davisville back in the late 19th century; descriptions tell us that in 1870 the street was lined with wooden buildings, of which only a few were greater than one story high. Former buildings on G st include the Caufield Building.

Businesses and points of interest on G Street include the following, from south to north:

1st Street

2nd Street

3rd Street

4th Street

5th Street

6th Street

8th Street

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