Archive of G Street Pub Comments from prior to 2010.

2005-01-19 15:23:49   If anybody from G Street management reads this, then please: bring back bar food! —TonyMagagna

2005-02-06 12:00:41   The bouncers are mean. They won't let you go inside to get a drink of water, even if you're dying of dehydration. Even if you accidentily forgot to close out your tab earlier in the night. You still can't go in. Bastards. —SummerSong

2005-02-07 15:52:40   The food sucks since they added the hochi-goochi menu - AVOID for food - or pay for crap! —DavidZetland

2005-03-07 21:44:16   The food was unimpressive and is definitely a step down from hot wings and the like. I admire the attempt to put the burger on a wheat medium classier than a bun, but the medium burger came out as a crispy hockey puck. Plus, the accompanying chips were far too little for the squirt of salsa they gave. And for $6.50, the chili was plentiful, but they don't give any chips, crackers, or bread with it. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-04-18 14:21:10   Sheesh, the misinformation on this site is ridiculous. G St. calls last call at 1:30. They then yell clearly how many minutes are left before they kick your drunk asses out about 5 times. If it takes you longer than 10 minutes to realize you should get some water and close your credit card, you need to put the crackpipe away. God forbid you have to use a drinking fountain or pick up your card the next day. —JeffSpeckles

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    • Whoa, how did I miss this little comment? I posted the above complaint because I had left G Street and returned well BEFORE 1:30 and I wasn't allowed in. Other people were inside, by the way. I'd guess that some employee wanted to go home early and the bouncer was in a bad mood. Maybe you should put down the crack pipe and stop assuming you have any idea what's going on in anyone's life except your own. —ss
      • A little clarification, for those unaware of Pub policy: after last call (at 1:25, not 1:30, by the way), only people with stamps are allowed into the Pub. This makes clearing the bar out at closing time much easier for the staff. If the night has been particularly chaotic, then they will instigate a "once you're out, you're out" policy. The bouncers try to be as accomodating as possible, but the management is very strict about having everyone out by closing time. Hope this helps. —BigDave
      • Hmmm, let me guess, had you been drinking that night? Did the bouncers not let you in because you were intoxicated perhaps? That's cool, call them bastards for doing their job. Classy.

2005-06-10 19:44:25   G Street tends to have the best music outside of the Delta of Venus and is the only bar in town to serve that excellent and cheap brewtus known as Pabst Blue Ribbon —JustinRau

during my first two years of grad school i practically lived at this place - excellent bar food, decent music, amusing karaoke (even though k-night was a bit too packed with undergrads in tube tops and uggs for my taste...) but then came the horrible menu change. what happened? what the hell kind of bar food are artichokes? salads? —EllenWoodall

2005-12-01 22:27:22   I used to be a bouncer there. Pretty much all the fights I saw there were started by college kids who forgot how to act in public; drunks who thought the rules didn't apply to them. — FordPrefect

2006-03-19 20:15:42   The tacos are good. I havent tried the nachos, but i think i saw a big vat of "nacho" cheese, which would be pretty gross. —ArlenAbraham

2006-03-30 12:15:58   I'm I haven't yet acheived veteran bar-hopping status in Davis, but this is one of my favorite bars to go to. I like the pub-laid back alternative vibe, and the live music, of course. —SS

  • Did you write this review after patronizing the bar? What would Mrs. Sugarman think? Ending a sentence with a preposition. I’m I. Maybe you should reduce your exposure to the pleasure inducing beverage known as: alcohol.

2006-08-01 19:04:30   Jesus Christ! Why are you guys all haters? G St Pub is the like the only place in Davis you can catch decent live music— most bands are pretty good actually— it's got a cool chill atmosphere, drinks, college girls... really what more do you want? This is one of the best places to chill in entire city, and at least my personal favorite. You can even swing by during the day and play a game of pool or whatever, so it's not exactly as bad as getting teeth pulled. Quit whining, learn how to spell, lay off the crack, and learn how to appreciate good things when you have them. —DeviantDuncan

2006-08-02 14:24:37   Going to the pub tonigh prolly, its usually pretty happening, if only I could talk to girls! Not even alcohol seems to help that! —JoeRunnels

2006-08-18 22:22:38   I think G st. pub is swell. i went there to play pool once and i liked it. i had much fun in good place. girly girl was talk to me, but i said the wrong thing and ended up with nacho sauce on shirt and bouncer on my head. Go to this place if you want. —JoeSmith

2006-09-10 01:01:59   G Street Pub is perhaps the most vertistile bar in Davis. They are able to attract a wide variety of crowds, and their entertainment ranges from house and hiphop to hard and classic rock. A good spot with a local following and efficient bartenders. —JaimeRaba

2006-09-21 15:19:54   Anybody know what happened to the brick wall in this parking lot? Looks like somebody drove right into it! Is it already time for school to start??? —AlphaDog

2006-11-12 00:22:00   I avoid G St Pub like the plague when they have a live band. The music is so painfully loud that it becomes impossible to have a conversation with anyone around you. I've also heard other people complain about the sound levels there as well. The volume levels would be ideal for an outdoor concert, but its not so great for such a small space. —HenWeigh

  • To answer the inevitable question, "about four pounds." —CraigBrozinsky

2007-01-05 01:49:28   I've had some memorable drinks and going away parties here. They have Ouzo as well, which I like for some reason. Disco Stu likes Ouzo, too. —MisterProfessor

2007-01-05 02:02:37   I've heard G street referenced as the perma DHS reunion. —StevenDaubert

2007-01-12 01:31:32   I like this place. —SallyHensel

2007-02-22 12:57:20   I agree about the sound level. I'm a dive-bar kinda girl, but the bands there play waaaay too loud. Play the room guys! You're not at the Shoreline Amphitheater... it's the freakin' G St.! —BriannaBetancourt

2007-03-02 23:57:29   There's a band that I want to catch playing at this venue next Thursday (Green Milk From The Planet Orange) who I saw in November at the Gray Davis House. Only problem here is that I'm not yet 21, and this being a bar and all, I'm expecting to be told at the door that I can't come in. Being some 60 miles away from Davis, that would be pretty awful, especially when I'm on good terms with the band. Anyone know the pub well enough to know if I'll be able to get into this show (starts 8:00 PM) if I've got the clear from the band and the tour ornagizer? Thanks for any help. I just don't want to be disappointed because of such a crazy requirement. —ZackBissell

2007-04-06 21:58:46   ARRR!! AHOY MATEYS!!!!!!!! —Lisa

2007-07-07 22:58:00   G Street's been good to me! I love it. The bouncers haven't been bad except for one. He was a complete jerk - I hope he doesn't still work there, although I haven't seen him. In the few years I've been going here, he's been the only bad experience. The bartenders are friendly, the music is usually pretty awesome, and the bouncers are generally nice guys. —intangible

2007-07-18 12:26:06   with the looks and smell of a week old diaper left out in the rain the food is just as comparable. occasionally you will come across a nice bartender but more often then not you get a degenerate. —barnold

2007-07-23 20:39:44   Good burger —dickjones

2007-07-28 20:54:20   I am so OVER the G St. Pub. It sums up the Davis bar scene: it sucks! The place (generally) reeks of cheap beer, bad cigarettes, blah bands, and desperation, even though the "cool" crowd tends to head here rather than to Froggy's or the Graduate, where the frat boys, alcoholics, skanks, and social retards go to get their drink on and mingle with one another while lubricated. Avoid G St. bar food at all costs! And stay away from the sleazy patio area where the really desperate people like to loiter until closing. I broke up with G St. years ago and I've never looked back. —GradStudent06

2007-08-26 15:52:19   this place is a joke. an f-ing discrace to dive bars world wide. hey owner! when the men's unrinal breaks, which happens often, fix it. Never smelled a worse bar, not even the village idiot in nyc smells this bad. I never knew budweiser could taste as bad as it does here. FLAT, WARM, Bravo boys. seriously. —heyman

2007-08-30 18:15:28   I heart the G St Pub. —RussellAnderson

2007-10-02 22:31:46   G-st 4ever <3 —SunjeetBaadkar

2007-12-13 02:10:53   the funk night dj is attractive —JackkiCox

2007-12-19 21:20:51   Hate the staff, never returning. —thelonepiper555

2008-02-08 11:20:32   I took my friend here for her 21st b-day and the bouncer put stamps all over her forehead!!!! HAHAHA! We had a nice time here, nice atmosphere. I had been before on a night when they had a band....really loud, but fun. Yeah for G-St. —tgdavis

2008-06-05 01:22:10   I like it. —BradBenedict

2008-06-25 22:17:18   i like this place a lot —JackkiCox

2008-08-11 08:55:22   Be careful who you get served by here. Cameron knows the bar and the stock very well, but if you ask the female, brunette bartender you'll be lucky to get what you asked for. I Asked for a Booker's shot on the rocks and she gave me this story about how it was too expensive for them to stock. After she finished her story I pointed to the top shelf and asked her if it was too expensive for them stock why was there a half empty bottle of it on their counter. She scoffed at me and left to help another patron.

As for the bounce staff, you will get one of two reactions- very friendly and very rude. Josh is not only ignorant but rude as heck, Dan is pleasant and willing to laugh a bit with you, the rest are an even mix.

Have decent music when the bands play, if they are doing drugs in the bathroom like the "singer" they have on Sundays or puking on stage like the band they had the other night. Karaoke on Mondays rocks, on Tuesday the guy seems to want more of a country style but it's still okay.

Kitchen is okay IF they are open. Good onion Rings, but no burgers. They do have grilled cheese and BLTs but not much else. I gave this place a few tries but think I will stick to something else.

2 of 5 stars and that's only because of Cameron, Kevin and Dan and the quality of service those three provide. —kyle2008

  • Lies, Bonnie is very professional,and helpful. I don't really care what you say about me, your post is foolish and full of lies. unlike you, Adam Donald is a professional musician, he does not do drugs on the premises. What you are suggesting is slander and lies. This completely negates your credibility. Please leave it like this.—JL

2008-08-11 18:51:41   Walt's wings are hands down the best in town! Live band is always the best night in town too...karaoke night is pretty good even if you don't karaoke, and the new big screen is an added bonus unless you count the douchebags it attracts. —HillaryThomas

2008-08-22 04:28:52   People can say what they want about the Pub, I personally love working there and have a great time, every time I go to work. I really like my co-workers, as well as many of the customers, we are like a family.—JoshLawson

2008-08-25 19:47:17   Okay.. I don't know who Kyle2008 is but he's obviously someone who does know a bit about certain things that makes me curious.

Take for instance, the Bookers thing. That was me. I was hanging out with my buds from the band Secondshot the night they had a gig there. The Woman told me she was out of Bookers and I believed her. Later, another member of the staff pointed out that they did have it. I was a bit upset, but was also drunk from all the cheaper whiskey I had that night. So, yes, the tale is true, but it was me, not some idiot Kyle guy. So, unless the woman has a habit of doing this, which I doubt, It would cause me to think that you either do know someone in my group of friends or heard about this and adopted it for yourself in the bar. You're a liar, plain and simple.

2nd. I have been there in the past and have seen the singer on the Sunday gigs, I doubt he would go around doing Coke in the bathroom, especially since if he really wanted to he could do it anywhere else in the place like in the office since he has keys. There's always some kind of BS rumors about people doing coke in the bathrooms there, so it's not hard to just place a new name on them when they are bogus.

3rd. Whoever you are Kyle, you caused a confrontation between a friend of mine and Josh just because of your stupid log-on name.

You need to knock it the hell off whoever you are and stop talking out of your rear end.

You're an idiot, a liar and a few other words I could choose from.

Knock it the heck off and shut your piehole.


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2008-08-26 04:52:33   I was also there the night secondshot played. In fact, I was the member of the staff who pointed out that we did indeed have booker's. the bottle wasn't where it should have been because someone moved it to make room on the shelf. yeah, this dude is totally a liar. —DonovanKelley

2008-09-04 01:58:36   Someone told me that if you come in for karaoke before 9 PM, you can get in even if you're under 21. Can anyone verify or disprove this? I'm curious because my 21st birthday will be on a Wednesday, and I love karaoke. —KarinaSummers *Technically, a minor can be in G st. before 9pm everyday, but NEVER, EVER be drinking. Tonight is Live Band Karaoke. You should come on down, we'd love to have you.- JoshLawson

2008-11-11 22:13:28   God bless the G St. Pub. I miss it so. Also heard that Adam stopped doing Sundays?? That's heart-breaking. That was one of my favorite nights. —SarahOsler

  • Oh nose! No more church with Adam? He will be missed...RAISE YOUR GLASSES! —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-11-17 14:53:56   I went here for the first time on a Friday, and it was great. I'm not much of a bar person, but I liked the option to be in the same room as the band or be in a quieter room where you could talk without talking directly into someone's ear. The only thing i could complain about is the $10 minimum charge on credit cards, but that isn't really anything, next time i'll bring cash.

Based on being at the pub only once, i'd say it's worth checking out. I'll be going back. —AlexAquila

2009-03-08 03:03:07   I went to G Street Pub for the first time in about a year. For the most part I had an excellent experience the drinks were good and cheap. But there was this really creepy bouncer who kept grabbing my ass and asking if I have gave good head. He was about 6'4 and wore mostly leather with studs and had on a black bandanna. The scariest part was that he followed me into the bathroom. I am a MAN who was there with my girlfriend of two years! What the fuck! He totally tried to force himself on me. WHAT A FUCKING FAGGET! If it was not for a group of guys who came into the bathrrom I have no idea what would've happened. I will never go back there again if that fucking freak of nature is at the door. I don't judge people for their sexual orientation but who forces them self on another person? NEVER GO TO G Street if the 6'4 freak in lever is there. —DoryArp

I officially hate this place. My friends and I went to karaoke last night and my friend immediately got to sing but they never called me name! Later we realized that it was because my friend had tipped him and I hadn't. The guy kept letting the same girl go over and over and when my friend questioned him about it, he just ignored her. Do you have to be a part of some karaoke in crowd to be able to sing here? Don't you usually tip for good service? This guy will never see a dime of my money! meganmarie

2009-08-16 00:49:53   A nice place. This is where AJ Bumps bar and grill used to conduct business. I should know, I was a dishwasher there way back in 1984. It sort of looks the same, and the drink prices are fair. They are courteous as well. —Darren22

2009-11-08 21:13:34   this is one of the main bars students go to on the weekends, which has its ups and downs, like long lines to get drinks and many drunkards who can't hold in their alcohol. the thing i hate about this place is the stupid birthday rule! here is the thing, when you have a really hott girlfriend (or friend for that matter) like really hot and its her birthday, why would you let them or ask them to put a stamp on their head?!?!?! like really, thats fucking retarded!!! every place we went to, except here, just looked at the i.d. and got the free drink... so here is the story:

    i took Mrs. out for her 21st birthday, when i asked the jackass bartender for her free drink he got pissed at me and kicked me out because we didnt know that she had to get a stamp on her head. the bartender wanted to fight me but got the fat ass bouncer to escort me out. i wasnt trying to start an argument and i wanted to show my girl a good time and this is the crap i got!!! fuck G street. —mrandmrs

2009-11-08 21:20:02   another story is about my friend that we took out for his 21st bday. he got smashed and was basically passed out in a chair. the bouncer was getting ready to throw our friend out and we talked to him trying to get him to leave our friend alone, all he said was "get him out or i'll throw him out right now!" that makes sense, and i get that part, however, they were super fucked because we asked if we could get him some water and they said no, and we better get him out. right when we got him outside he started puking everywhere!!!! and i went to the door, not even five feet away and asked if i could run back inside really quick to get some water for my friend, and they said no and i showed them my hand stamp and they said no and i said look my friend is right there, you watched me walk out this door 3 seconds away and we really need to get some water for this guy and they said no and to go away. i dont know why they are so mean and stupid here, but i really dont like this place!!! —mrandmrs

2009-11-08 21:21:57   they also have fucked up bathrooms that are broken!!! —mrandmrs

2009-12-04 03:47:41   arrogant fucks. grats on working at a bar in a college town, that does not make you super awesome guy! —robnightcrew

2009-12-30 04:06:43   Watch Out!! Beware of the asshole bouncers! I was dragged by a bouncer by my feet, on my back, from my chair to the door!! According to clearheaded witness ( I have 5) I was talking shit to the bouncer but I was not "trying to kick anyone in the balls". I was eating a piece of pizza actually. I hit my head as well and had a huge contussion under my scalp. I was lied to about them looking at the video tapes, for a clarification of what happened. Apparently there isn't one for the floor but for the register. Im female, 5'2 and 125 lbs. What kind of man does this to a woman? And what kind of men stick up for this behavior? They treat me shittier! now, like it was my fault, and basically 86ed me. It is only lame because a lot of my friends frequent the pub. But really why would I want to go there after I was violated and no one gives a shit. If you know the truth don't be a fucking coward. P.S I heard the bouncer wasn't pressing charges against ME!!! —roselotus11

2010-01-22 15:53:03   This description of the place needs a massive overhaul. They no longer charge cover unless something crazy is going on, Adam unfortunately doesn't play anymore, and karaoke is now only one night a week (I think). It may not be glorious, but its the best bar in town by far (save for all the trendy college douches that started hanging out there since Cantina left). —BrandonKuhens