In your pants. Run! Aieee! They follow!
(530) 666-4711
Baron Vorzhoot, Imperially recognized Lord of the planet of Mice, ugly things, and delicious hoomans.
Payment Methods
Cash, Visa, Spleen, Aggie cash

Galactic Overlord Taxi and Humanpet Taxidermy is a pan-cosmic corporation that is locally run by a chimera clone of Adolph Hitler and the jackass who gets too drunk at every open event in town (...we know who you are...). They can instantly be recognized by their signature black Hummers with limo tint and black smoke coming out of their exhausts. Their vehicles bear a logo that extends into the 8th dimension and will destroy the sanity of any individual who looks at it longer than four and a half seconds. Note that inhaling the black smoke will cause your lungs to fill with tiny parasites, which should be photographed for the identify that spider wiki page.

Operating with a brood of Sacramento Rio Linda based humanmeat consuming aliens, they not only help you get to your yoga class, also offer a nice side business of performing taxidermy of the various people they hit (whom they call "bouncers" due to the way they bounce off the hoods of their Hummers). They are sometimes harvested by Bros for their thick layer of subcutaneous fat, which, when rendered down in beverage tubs, tastes just like PBR, only with a thick, very-not-virgin olive oil aftertaste. That's why Big 5 carries a large stock of whaling harpoons.

  • Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Davis has many taxi services for your transportation needs!

How may we SERVE you today, Hooman?

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2011-08-08 10:54:25   My roommate was turned into a plush pillow by them, and I'm not impressed. In the Bay Area, we would pay two spleens, but the tanning of the skin was FAR superior to this hick town's idea of manleather. —Anon893273

2011-08-08 10:55:01   DISGUSTING! My first comment was dleeted by the obvious censhorship wiki cops, but when I was in thier car, I saw an ANT!!!!!111!!!! HORRIBLY SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!! —FakeNameScrewYou

2011-08-08 10:57:32   I heard that they are competing for the job of preserving the body of the King. This gig might make or break them. —hankim

2011-08-08 11:00:30   These assholes are illegal aliens. I don't think they even have a business license. And here the wiki commies are giving them their own page to advertise and take business away from hardworking, down to earth people who just tell it like it is. Fuck these guys, and if you give them your money, fuck you too! —LoshJawson