820 Pole Line Rd.
in the office of the Davis Cemetery
Mon-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm
Second Sundays 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Gallery 1855 is a highly respected gallery featuring a number of internationally recognized artists each year. The gallery is open weekdays between 9 AM and 3 PM, and the public is always warmly invited to meet the artists on the second Sunday afternoon of every month between 1 PM and 4 PM. Along with the art and the stimulating conversation, a number of tasty treats are offered, and one can always top off the day with a stroll through the sumptuous 27 acre grounds of the cemetery. Gallery 1855 is for display only; purchases of any art must be arranged directly with the artists. Features about each show can be found on the gallery website listed above, or on the cemetery website listed below.

For more information about the Davis Cemetery, please visit the website at http://www.daviscemetery.org.

June Exhibition Da Vinci Academy Advanced Placement Art Portfolio Exhibition

Gallery 1855 (820 Pole Line Road) is proud to present the final portfolio exhibition of the Da Vinci Charter Academy.  The exhibition represents a selection of the finest artwork created by thirteen Advanced Placement students. The works selected exemplifies the high level of dedication and accomplishment of the Advancement Placement students.  The exhibit will include works from a variety of mediums including photography, drawing, paintings, and mixed media. The exhibition will run from June 1st until June 30th and can be viewed weekdays from 9-4:00pm.  The public is welcome to celebrate these artists at the free reception held on June 7th from 1-4:00pm.

Gallery 1855 is a premiere art venue located at the beautiful historic grounds of the Davis Cemetery and Arboretum. It hosts monthly art exhibitions throughout the year and offers family oriented programs such as Celebration of Life Art and Music Festival and Dia Del Muertos. For more information on the gallery from http://gallery1855.weebly.com and their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Gallery1855AtTheDavisCemetery.

The exhibition is an opportunity for the public to witness the diverse subjects, styles, media, techniques and expressions available to The Da Vinci Charter Academy Advanced Placement students. This is a great opportunity for the community to support these young emerging artists. 

July Exhibition Famed Photographer Ricardo Hernandez-Machado Exhibition

July 1-July 30, 2015 Monday-Friday 9-3:00pm

Opening Reception July 12, 2015 with the artist 1-4:00pm

Gallery 1855 (820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA) will host a special photography exhibition by famed San Francisco based artist Ricardo Hernandez-Machado.  An opening reception will be held at the gallery Sunday, July 12th from 1-4:00pm.

Ricardo was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He got his start working in the video games industry but his growing obsession with light and people on the streets at night pulled him into the world of photography. Ricardo received his tutelage from fine art photographers Petery Weyrauch and Amy Oliver. Their lessons in photography dramatically accelerated and expanded his learning and understanding of the medium.

 His exhibition captures the images and shapes of people on the street as they are either lost in their own world or interacting with others around the city of San Francisco. He perfectly captures moments in time and the human experience as they relate to each other. In the moment, on some intuitive level, he sees shapes, and light, and emotions.  Not always in equal parts sometimes more composition, sometimes more emotion.  If there is a story, it emerges after the fact. In an era of digital manipulation, he does not re-touch his images by adding what was not there, or changing what was. He likes to share a photograph that shows that moment of reality with its main elements in place as he saw them. He tends to shoot more telephoto than wide angle because he likes to capture situations that are not affected by his intervention.  His black and white portraiture captures the viewer’s imagination, creating a dialogue unprecedented in the photographic field.



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