Departed Business

This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


U-Mall store

Closed November 13, 2011
825 Russell Boulevard
1361 West Covell Boulevard
in the University Mall
in The Marketplace
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11am-6pm
(530) 297-7195
Weekly Ad

GameStop sells new and used video games, as well as video gaming related items such as consoles and accessories. Some GameStop locations also stock various items such as video game branded clothing, pins, etc.

You can also get a discount card, also known as an Edge Card, for 10% off used games by subscribing to Game Informer Magazine ($15 for 12 issues). You can trade in games and game consoles for store credit (that's how they get their used stuff). To trade in games to GameStop, you must be 18 and also possess valid California State issued ID. If you present your Edge Card while trading in, you will also receive an additional 10% store credit on trading in games. They also frequently offer bonuses to trade-in value if you bring in more games; see the weekly ad linked above.

GameStop has begun to phase out their stock of used dvds. Both Davis locations do not carry used dvds anymore, nor will they accept them as trade ins for store credit. If you do find a GameStop that still stocks used dvds outside of Davis, there will most certainly be a discount when buying them.

The don't sell Mac games unless they're selling a PC game that has built-in Mac support. The store devotes more space to console games than to PC games.

The store in the The Marketplace used to be an EB Games before they merged under the GameStop name. There are also stores nearby in Woodland, Sacramento, Dixon and Vacaville.

The former University Mall store was previously occupied by a Cingular Wireless/Parrot Cellular store. Prior to that, the store used to be a Pacific Bell Wireless/Parrot Cellular store. The University Mall store permanently closed on November 13, 2011. Purchasers at that store before closing received a 20% off coupon good at other nearby GameStop locations.


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2007-09-08 13:52:02   The employees seem very friendly there, and will gladly talk with you about any game they are familiar with. —AnnaF

2007-11-17 13:32:56   they sometimes have BattleFrogs. You should call and ask if they have a copy on stock. —RatBastard

2007-12-01 22:40:17   I asked a guy at GameStop if the wii version of Guitar Hero 3 was any worse than the other versions and he seemed offended. Then he didn't mention the Wii version is mono, despite it being labeled Dolby Pro Logic and people have a hard time getting online :(. He might not have known, but that was exactly the kind of stuff I meant. —BradBenedict

2008-01-09 17:19:05   Does anyone know if Gamestop has any games with Mudkipz in them? —Maitl

2008-02-03 15:18:59   probably the worst place ive ever been to in davis. I bought a used PS2 and when i took it home, it didnt even work. but, i was too faded and lost the receipt. the dickbag at the store wouldnt even hear me out, and even decided to charge a refurbish fee for the broken PS2 they sold me. ok, sure, i lost the receipt, i get it. but for gods sake cant you not be a damn tool and gimmie a fucking working PS2. we lost 80 bucks would could have bought nugz the likes god cant blaze.

knock knock. whos there? one more store in davis that just lost my business. trex for life, smoke every day —ohanadildos

2008-05-16 14:39:57   One of their employees, Adam S., was very helpful and professional. He seemed to really know his stuff about what the store sells. —DaveCar

2008-05-18 19:29:59   I find the Covell store's employees to be unhelpful and annoying. What's up with that guy who's always saying "righto"? —BenH

2008-10-13 20:30:51   REMEMBER: Be sure to call in before-hand to see if they have Battletoads for the Wii. Sometimes they'll say they don't, but don't let this faze you. Call again and again until they do. THIS IS OF THE UPMOST IMPORTANCE. —jaggers304

2008-12-11 12:02:28   I keep checking periodically for battletoads for brick gameboys, they don't have it and for some reason seem to get offended when I ask... —StevenDaubert OH SNAP I JUST HIT MY CLOSET AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND

  • There was a site that told all it's users to call their local gamestop and ask for BattleToads one day. There were a lot of people that did that in the area, and still do it to annoy the employees. Don't take it personally if you're actually looking for the game, I've run into it too and had to ask what was up.
  • The site would be 4Chan. If you do not mind graphic images, you can do some research on Encyclopedia Dramatica. P.S. I just broke the first rule. —hankim

2008-12-12 00:15:46   Battletoads is the one with the barrel rolls, right? —AndrewHarrison

  • You're thinking of Starfox.

2009-08-15 06:06:39   Oh My God! The Battle Toads game they sell for the Wii is the best game i ever played! —DevinCastellucci

  • The Wii version of that game is only on the Wii Marketplace, so they wouldn't carry it in store.

2010-02-02 22:03:39   The best videogame store in Davis. The employees are decent they aren't the best Old video games tend to have a Great price but a %50 that it will fail at some point in time when you play it I saw a game that i wanted at. the game exists at both Target and Gamestop. It was sold at target for 50$ and 40% at gamespot.


2010-02-18 19:45:42   I've been comparing Game Stop prices with for awhile now. Even used games at Game Stop are more expensive than brand new games that come with free shipping.

There's a very clear winner here. Save your cash if you can wait a day or two for your game to come in the mail. Plus doesn't have extremely annoying TV commercials or those horrible "trade-in your three 40+ dollar games for a 20 dollar credit on God of War 3" deals. —OrofinJackson

2010-02-23 21:47:12   my psp scratched my new game. i took the game back and the guy was cool enough to give me a brand new copy of the game even though he knoew my psp had scratched it. great place to buy games. and a lot of the ps3 games have discounts. i'd recommend it —Hugz

2010-04-01 01:33:59   2010-02-18 19:45:42 I've been comparing Game Stop prices with for awhile now. Even used games at Game Stop are more expensive than brand new games that come with free shipping.

**That says a lot, since amazon is anywhere from 20-80% higher than ebay and I guess that is the convenience of getting your item immediately. —jdyeah

2010-04-29 04:51:57   ebay/ is horrible for buying games. Game retailers have taken to buying used games for slightly below the cost they'll resell them, making it a useless endeavor to try to find good deals anymore. I've watched too many auctions rise above gamestop prices (before shipping costs) to even visit ebay for games anymore.

Even if you do find a good deal, which isn't impossible, I hope you don't mind having no case, no instruction booklet, and a game that smells like cigarettes or maple syrup, because people seem to only ignore the sales that indicate bad condition. No seriously, that's what Killzone 2 smelled like when I bought it off ebay.

I've bought Quantum of Solace ($9), Super Mario Galaxy 2 ($17 pre-order), Battlefield Bad Company 2 ($35), Bioshock 2 ($31) on amazon ALL NEW cheaper than has them for on any USED editions, AND THEY ALL CAME WITH FREE SHIPPING

If you really want good deals on games just let be your mecca. I got 7 new PS3 games from EA for $20 thanks to that site. —OrofinJackson

  • I don't agree with all of this, but the shout-out to CAG is 100% dead on. Whether you're looking to get the best deal when preordering a game that's about to come out or you want to pick up a handful of used games, they've got by far the best compilation of deals. —TomGarberson

2010-11-07 21:05:14   So to all the comparisons to Amazon and other online specific retailers, Gamestop provides you a storefront/brick and mortar location to get a majority of your gaming needs covered. There are costs associated with manning and stocking the store, therefore they can't be as cheap as those online only guys. Plus, in general, these guys are pretty nice and willing to help. Buy something you don't like or doesn't work, they'll work with you. That's where we go when we need something for our Wii, PS3, or DS's. Vince, the manager is the best. —Aaron.Curtin

2011-05-03 13:47:21   If I had to choose between the two in town, the one off Covell is pretty knowledgeable and really engaging. They also, have promotions unique to the plaza. They sometimes have promotions on trading and purchases. Only one real flaw from the one on Russell. I pre-ordered a game with them way back and I remember them telling me some random excuse about why they did not have my reserved copy, but a friend pick-up a copy because he was present at the midnight launch earlier in the week. I'd say that situation was pretty weak. Haven't had any problems over on Covell, but other than that they both are fine. —DarrenForrest

2011-08-20 12:06:09   Both locations in Davis have a great staff and I always get help with what I need in terms of gaming. They also work with you to get the best deals, and are totally willing to order anything that may not be in store. I have bought a few things from them over my stay in Davis, and I have had nothing but good things to tell people about them. GameStop wouldn't be the same without the awesome staff. So thumbs up for sure! —davisaggie1

2011-08-24 16:29:15   For an angry rant about GameStop posted under a link to some shady tactics by GameStop, click here! :) (The comment is not written by me.) —AndreWaymire

2011-12-13 13:01:04   The Russell Boulevard location appears to be gone. —rackerby