From The Aggie, Friday, October 27, 1967

UCD Architect Commits Suicide

Gardner Action Dailey, internationally known San Francisco architect who designed many UCD buildings, leaped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge Monday. He was 72 years old.

Among the buildings Dailey designed were the administration building, Olson Hall, Sproul Hall, the Fine Arts complex, the Pierce-Thille residence complex, Voorhies Hall, and the Law School building.

Dailey was consulting architect from November 1960 until March 1967. He was involved in the development for the long range plan for the campus, adopted in 1963.

Dailey received the Samuel F. B. Morse medal for distinction in design from the National Academy of Design of New York. He received this award for his design of Tolman Hall which houses the psychology and education departments at Berkeley; he was the second architect to receive this award.

Dailey was the 325th known suicide to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.