Gareth Smythe is the current ASUCD Vice President. He was a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2013 ASUCD Election running as an independent. He has the best hair out of all the candidates and ran under the slogan "Great Hair...Great Policies" as well as "Perfect Hair...Perfect Policies". 

Hello Friends and Fellow Aggies!

My name is Gareth Smythe, and I am running as an Independent to be one of your next ASUCD Senators. I am a second year Political Science and History double major from Orange County, California who enjoys reading, discussing philosophy, and long walks in the Arboretum. I have garnered much ASUCD experience serving both on the Internal Affairs Commission, where I worked to make the internal operations of our Association more cohesive by authoring and co-authoring important legislation, and University Affairs, where I kept the campus aware and informed of the activities of the Regents. I also learned a lot about the ASUCD Senate by attending most meetings and interning for three ASUCD Senators: Alyson Sagala, Maxwell Kappes, and Miles Thomas. My passion for UC Davis coupled with my tried and tested student government experience is why I want to serve this campus and its many diverse communities strongly and faithfully.

If you want an independently minded senator who combines ASUCD experience with Aggie Pride and passion, vote Gareth Smythe #1 for ASUCD Senate.

So, vote GARETH SMYTHE #1 for ASUCD Senate at Nov. 12th-15th. If you want to get involved or ask questions you can join the facebook event here


Open Source Textbooks: The average student pays $1200 in books and supplies per year while publishing companies continue to profit from high textbook prices because of lack of choice among students; let’s face it, we have nowhere else to go. Open Source textbooks are similar to traditional textbooks except that they are distributed online and have an “open” license allowing professors to distribute and adapt them for their individual classes. Students will have the freedom to use the electronic copies, or purchase printed versions costing around $20-40, substantially less than traditional textbooks. Not only does the Open Source textbook program make fiscal sense per student, it decreases the environmental footprint of the textbook industry and our University.

Charging Stations at On-Campus study spaces: I’m sure I am not the only one whose phone or laptop has been low on battery during study crunch times. Nobody likes dead electronic devices, so if elected, I will place universal phone and laptop chargers in on-campus study spaces across campus, like the Library, SCC and MU to be checked out with a student ID.

Student Organization Fundraising: One of the greatest things about our campus culture is the variety of clubs that unite students with common interests and values. If elected, I will fight for more Club Finance Council funding as well as increase the amount of campus activities that clubs can participate in and fundraise at throughout the school year.


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2013-10-31 11:49:06   This guy seems legit —RyanMeyerhoff

2013-11-05 14:31:46   This guy IS legit. Good Luck Gareth!(not that you need it) —MarissaBeth

2013-12-07 14:29:09   So happy you won. You'll be the best. —MaxwellKappes