710 2nd Street
Right next to the Sleep center
Sunday: 11-5
Monday-Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 9:30-6
October 2009

Generations Family Footwear is a locally-owned shoe store carrying brands such as Stride Rite, Merrell, Keen, Adidas, Naot, Geox, Dansko, Klogs, and many more.



The store is at the former location of Birkenstock Plus. After the original store moved to the Chen Building and changed its name to Shuz of Davis, this store opened up as Kids Shuz. Later, the name was changed to 2nd Street Shuz to reflect its expanded line of shoes for adults, including the return of Birkenstocks, Keen, Chaco, and Merrell. In October 2009 new owners took over, and began carrying some of the brands that C C Dudes used to carry, like Clarks, Naot, and Stride Rite. The owners also are bringing back some of the brands Shuz of Davis has stopped carrying.

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2009-09-26 12:43:36   2nd St. Shuz has A New Owner, Me. Generations Family Footwear. Childrens shoes are back in Davis. Only Stride Rite so far, adidas are coming soon. Im also working on geox and merrell. I carry shoes for Men, women and children. I do have some hard to find sizes, like mens sizes 7 and 14, wides and some xw . In Womens I carry size 6 to 11 a few in narrow and wide. special order The Brands I have in so far are Clarks, Naot, Klogs U.S.A. and Stride Rite, Ecco and addias should be in soon.

New phone # 530-756-5239 Email familyfootwear@att.net I am Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks Davis, Steve


2009-10-29 17:19:12   Addias and Geox have come in for kids —LeeAnn

2009-11-14 17:38:48   I have been buying shoes from Steve for the past 12 years at the different shops that he has been at in Davis and he really knows shoes. The store looks great, I bought a pair of Clarks from him last week and they have not been off my feet…they are comfortable. —BBrazill

2009-12-03 12:47:50   I love my Naot's Steve! Thank you thank you thank you for braving this economy to bring us great shoes! We bought our daughters first shoes from steve 4 years ago, and have since bought 3 Birks, 2 Keens, 1 Think, 1 Rieker for my wife and I and at least 2 more kids pairs, and most recently from Generations we bought Naot's that are truly amazing. I have hard feet to please, and I fit ski boots professionally for 6 years so I know feet. Steve knows feet, and he knows shoes. Buy local and he will too! And give him a hard time about smoking, he needs to quit, haha! —Joy&Taylor

2010-01-25 14:50:56   Hello everybody Our first shipments of Merrells and Keens have come in. And they are selling very well, Thank you very much. —LeeAnn

2010-03-16 13:49:35   Can't wait for this store to take off......... And you know it will with a shoe expert who has been in Davis at a few locations for over 15 years! Steve knows what Davis wants, and he is going to bring it to them. Keen, and Merrell are two of my favorite brands which Shuz of Davis mysteriously stopped carrying (which caused me to drive all the way to REI, what a pain in my ass) and now GENERATIONS FAMILY FOOTWEAR has them in stock...YAH I CAN WALK TO GET NEW SHOES RATHER THAN DRIVING 45 minutes away. I've had my eyes on this particular pair of Clarks....cant wait for payday!! —KLarsen

2010-06-08 09:19:03   I used the Green Machine coupon to get 2 pairs of shoes. I've upgraded my aging feet to Keens. They carry a whole bunch of Keen styles, as well as Merrells (I'm wearing them now). The selection of kids shoes is very good too; I'll be getting my little guy shoes here rather than Target. Decent shoes are not cheap, and if you go here, you will get service and your questions answered (more thorough than Zappos). —NoelBruening

2010-11-03 21:49:54   I think this is one of the best stores in Davis. An essential place for shopping for decent footwear. —MaryCarroll

2010-11-15 22:34:02   havent personally shopped here but been by here a couple times. looks like the have an alright selection. but one of the ladies who works there was quite unfriendly to me. I was sitting in my car outside the store around closing time, waiting for a friend and she kept staring at me like she thought I was going to break in and steal something the moment they left. I finally got out of my car and walked off because she was making me so uncomfortable. —KathrynAzarvand

2011-06-05 22:19:52   I went into this store today completely depressed. I desperately needed a pair of plain black shoes for the office, but I have very hard to fit feet and I almost always have to buy my shoes on line which stinks because I just want to go into a store and walk out with a pair of shoes like a normal person. Well today Steve made my day by helping me find not one, but TWO perfect pairs of shoes. I explained my foot issues and gave him the size that I thought I was. He looked at my feet, went into the back and brought out a couple of pairs that did not work. Oh and he actually put them on my feet. Yeah like stores used to do before everything became self service. When those didn't work Steve went back and brought out some more and VOILA!!!! Cute, COMFORTABLE shoes for the office. So I decided to push my luck and started asking about sandals. Before I could even blink, he had me in a BEAUTIFUL pair of brown Dansko platform sandals that fit and were comfortable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this store. Please everyone support this wonderful LOCAL business. Let's spend our dollars in Davis. Steve thank you again for all of the help. I will be back soon for some new hiking shoes. —SherriMarie

2013-08-19 15:22:01   My kiddo has tough to fit feet (wide & sensitive & spent summer in Crocs). LeeAnn took lots of time with us, was knowledgeable about brands that would work (many of which I'd only discovered on my own thru trial & error over the years) and I could have saved myself lots of time at other places had I come here first. She was patient & friendly with my kid and we found a great pair of shoes to start school in. I look forward to coming back here for myself! These guys know shoes & kids. :-) Thanks for being here! —Angie

2014-10-08 16:17:14   We came from sf the summer of 2013 to visit family here because of health. We decided to explore the town and noticed the store. My mom mentioned the store and we did not acknowledge the nice vibe at first because we were caught up in the restaurants. The next day which was our last , we decided to take a peek. We thought we would only be in there for a second and leave disappointed but we got ourselves very interested and started considering buying some shoes. I really like shopping on trips , especially when it comes to very comfortable, sturdy and beautiful shoes, so I decided to buy a beautiful pair of Merrell red leather sandals. And my mom wanted to find some good shoes that were good for the back and still professional and sturdy. They found her the perfect clogs and that was one of the highlights of our trip and we are both still wearing our shoes. This was written by an eleven year old. —Shoshanah