Group Program Coordinator is in Rm. 133 Hunt Hall
Program Coordinator
Carrie Armstrong-Ruport
Office Hours
M-F 7:30am - 4:30pm
Academic Chair
Chris Benner, Associate Professor
Web site

"The Geography Graduate Group at UCDavis offers an interdisciplinary academic program emphasizing spatial interactions between humans and the biophysical environment. Like all graduate groups at UCDavis, the GGG is its own entity, 'floating' above the academic departments on campus, incorporating the best faculty on campus from diverse, yet interrelated areas. Faculty interests include..." more



Graduate geography classes are taught by professors in a variety of different fields, such as history, anthropology, geology, and various environmental science disciplines. Geography classes are available under other course listings (for example: CRD, PLS, and ABT) for undergraduates and graduate students. Graduate courses listed as geography are also still offered and sometimes available to undergraduates with permission from the instructor.

You can check out a list of many of the classes that have been offered through the graduate group here.

Former Chairs

  • Professor Stephen Brush


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