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9 AM to 6:30 PM Mon.-Thurs.
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George H. Daskalos, Ph.D.
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Dr. George H. Daskalos is a Licensed CA Psychologist with a broad and general psychotherapy and organization development practice. His training is in both Clinical and Organization Psychology. He is a proud graduate of UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), and as a psychotherapist and counselor he works with a broad range of clients from small children and adolescents to adults and seniors. Likewise, his clinical experience is broad and diverse. Special interests include: treatment of depression and anxiety; attention deficit disorder in children and adults; stress management; management of major mental illness; brain biology and exercise;application of mindfulness meditation as a treatment modality; lifelong spiritual growth and development. Dr. Daskalos accepts most health insurances including the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Dr. Daskalos has lived, worked, and raised his family in Davis since 1971. Early in his career, he was a founding Director of The House peer counseling center on campus, a practicum counselor at the UC Davis Counseling Service, a staff therapist with the Yolo Family Service Agency, and a founding Program Director of the Yolo Community Care Continuum. More recently his has served as a Board Member of the Yolo Community Care Continuum. If you feel that Dr. Daskalos may be of service to you, call him. He will return your call!

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2009-04-02 12:07:39   I highly recommend this Dr. I went to see him a few times as an undergrad while I was having some adjustment problems. He is very warm and empathetic. He also has very flexible hours and an affordable co-pay. —JanethN.